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PGA Tour 2K21: Which Edition to Buy?



There are two different versions of PGA Tour 2K21 on sale right now. If you plan on buying the game ahead of its release date you’ll want to make sure pick the right one for your interest level and budget.

2K Games has partnered with HB Studios, the studio behind The Golf Club, to release PGA Tour 2K21. The game is heading is headed to the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC via Steam.

We don’t know when 2K Games plans to release NBA 2K21, but we do have an official release date for PGA Tour 2K21 and you won’t have to wait too much longer to get on the links.

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Assuming it doesn’t get delayed, the PGA Tour 2K21 release date lands on August 21st. We could see the NBA 2K21 release date land around there as well.

If you know you want to play the game ASAP, you can buy a copy for your platform of choice right now. Retailers are taking pre-orders ahead of the game’s release.

There are two ways to buy the game right now. There’s the standard version and there’s also a Digital Deluxe version that comes with some additional bonuses at an added cost.

In this guide to the PGA Tour 2K21 editions we’ll take you through each version of the game and help you pick the correct version for your Xbox One, PS4, Windows PC, or Nintendo Switch.

PGA Tour 2K21 Standard Edition

The most basic version of the game is the standard edition.

The standard edition retails for $59.99, but you might be able to find a pre-release deal through a retailer like Amazon or NewEgg. We occasionally see price cuts ahead of a game’s release so keep an eye out as we push toward August.

We’ll probably see PGA Tour 2K21 deals during Black Friday and the holidays so if you don’t want to spend anything close to $60 for this game, you might want to wait.

If you decide to pre-order a copy of the standard edition you get some bonus items that might come in handy during your time with the game.

The game’s pre-order bonus is a 2K/adidas CodeChaos MyPLAYER Pack which gives you a signal green and core black look featuring adidas CodeChaos BOA Golf Shoes, and custom 2K/adidas CodeChaos Polo, Pants and Hat, designed by adidas. Your in-game character can wear these items.

So who should pre-order the standard version of PGA Tour 2K21?

  • People who like customizing their characters.
  • People who don’t have a ton of time to play games and aren’t sure how much time they can or want to invest in a golf simulation.

You can buy the PGA Tour 2K21 Standard Edition at retailers like Amazon.

PGA Tour 2K21 Digital Deluxe Edition

The Digital Deluxe edition is a little more expensive than the standard bundle, but it comes with some extras.

For $69.99 you get the aforementioned pre-order bonus, 2300 in the game’s currency, and the Golden Touch Pack. The pack includes a gold-plated putter and gold-plated 10.5 driver.

So who should spend the extra $10 for the Digital Deluxe Edition?

  • People who know they are going to invest a lot of time in PGA Tour 2K21.
  • Those who love to customize their character.
  • Those who want instant access to a lot of in-game items.

You can buy the PGA Tour 2K21 Digital Deluxe Edition at retailers like Microsoft.

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Physical vs. Digital

You’ll also need to decide between the physical and digital versions of PGA Tour 2K21. Like its name suggests, the Digital Deluxe version is digital only. However, the standard edition also comes in physical form.

If you buy the game with a disc, you’ll be able to sell it to a retailer like GameStop for credit toward another game after you get bored. You’ll also be able to sell it on a site like eBay or Craigslist for cash.

Buying a physical copy of the game also lets you easily lend the game to a friend, family member, or co-worker if they want to try before buying or if you get sick of it.

If you buy a digital copy of PGA Tour 2K21, you’ll be able to avoid clutter building up around your entertainment center and you’ll also avoid potential damage to the disc.

If you sometimes misplace games or have kids who like to fling discs around the house like a frisbee, you might want to go with the digital version.

There’s also added convenience. Instead of digging through a sleeve of games or searching around the house looking for your game disc, you can start up your console and start playing immediately.

Buying the digital version should allow you to pre-load the game ahead of its release in August. Pre-loading will allow you to start playing the game the second it’s released.

6 Reasons to Pre-Order Cyberpunk 2077 & 4 Reasons to Wait

Pre-Order for These Bonuses

Pre-Order for These Bonuses

If you pre-order a copy of Cyberpunk 2077, you'll get some nice bonuses. 

Everyone who pre-orders a copy of the game will get a collection of physical and digital items. Here's what you can expect if you buy a copy before the release date:

Physical Items

  • Case with game discs
  • World Compendium detailing the game's setting and lore
  • Postcards from Night City
  • Map of Night City
  • Stickers

Digital Items

  • Game soundtrack
  • Art booklet featuring a selection of art from the game
  • Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebook
  • Wallpapers for desktop and mobile

There are also some unique pre-order bonuses through retailers like GameStop and GOG. 

If you pre-order through GameStop you get a Samurai Medallion. The retailer says this offer is only available to PowerUp Rewards Members.

If you pre-order through GOG you get an exclusive digital game booklet, additional wallpapers and avatars, print quality posters, and 30% off official Cyberpunk 2077 merch store.

If any of these sound interesting to you, think about pre-ordering.

Last update on 2020-06-02. This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to read our disclosure policy for more details. Images via Amazon API

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