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Post Intelligence App Makes You Better at Twitter Instantly



Do you want more Twitter followers and engagement? Whether you are building a brand or building your own brand and following, it’s a challenge to get real followers on Twitter. The Post Intelligence app will tell you when to tweet and even help you find engaging content to Tweet so that you can be better at Twitter.

Post Intelligence, which the company simply calls Pi, connects to your Twitter or Facebook account to understand what you Tweet and how people engage with the content. From there Pi predicts when you should Tweet and goes a step further with suggestions on what to Tweet.

The Post Intelligence App makes you better at Twitter, instantly.

The Post Intelligence App makes you better at Twitter, instantly.

After logging in Pi suggested Tweets about the iOS 10.3 release date, the Apple Store being down for new iPads and motivation from Gary V. This matches up well with the content I tweet about and the Tweets I read. The app uses AI and deep learning to tailor these suggestions to you, and in theory the audience you’ve already built.

Forget looking at a generic list of trending hashtags and phrases on Twitter and trying to come up with something witty to Tweet about things your followers don’t care about. With Post Intelligence you’ll see relevant suggestions that you can then Tweet and schedule using the other part of the Post Intelligence app.

When you start to compose a Tweet, Pi analyzes it to tell you how well it will do. As you type your message, add media and links the app shows a Prediction Score that will help you know if you’re about to Tweet a dud or have a potential home run on your hands.

The Post Intelligence app tells you if your Tweet is good before you send it.

The Post Intelligence app tells you if your Tweet is good before you send it.

The tech behind the Post Intelligence app analyzes real-time data from Twitter and content from the links in social media posts as well as other indicators to understand what will resonate when you Tweet on Twitter. This is not about simply Tweeting the most popular thing that people are talking about. It’s a free super-smart Twitter app that can help make you better at Twitter.

There is a Sponsored section where you can find other content to Tweet from brands like Inverse, Distractify, Bored Panda, and others.

Post Intelligence is available free on Android now and also in beta on the web. There is an iPhone Post Intelligence app coming in Q2.

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Robird for Twitter

Robird for Twitter

 Robird is one of those hidden gems not too many users know about. It's extremely minimal, powerful, and customizable, yet works great at all times. From floating compose buttons to matching Google's material design. It was our favorite of 2016, but is now showing some age. There's a newer version, too. 

Robird has push notifications, streaming timeline over WiFi or mobile data, TweetMarker sync, auto refresh, save drafts, inline image previews (and disable options), a card-style UI, and tons of notification options. Add in the themes, add-ons, and everything else, and this is certainly worth considering.

Sadly the developer somewhat quit development and now has a completely new version called Robird Reborn. It's another excellent option, but paid, and then has in app purchases. Stick to the older Robird or try another from our list below.


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