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PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks to Win Battles



Use the Auto-Controls

Use the Auto-Controls

Like we said earlier, take advantage of the auto controls and functions in the game. At least during the beginning, while you're still getting familiar with the game, or working on your aim. 

PUBG Mobile offers some auto controls for running, picking up ammo, and more that will help you be more successful. You can turn these off later when you think you're ready to ditch the training wheels. 

  • Auto sprint - When you are running forward you can move your finger up to turn on Auto mode. Do this when you are in a fight so you can keep moving while you aim.
  • Free look - Drag around the small eye icon just below the map. This lets you look around and keep an eye on your surroundings. You can do this while running, so you're always aware of any incoming threats. 
  • Auto loot: You will automatically pick up essential items, like scopes, weapons, armor, and more without you having to do anything. The game does this pretty well by default, but you'll also fill up quickly. Make sure you drop what you don't need, and keep room for rare items.

What about auto-aim?

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