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Don't Shoot at Unrealistic Targets

Don't Shoot at Unrealistic Targets

If you're new to shooter games you'll make this mistake all the time. Another mistake I see rookies make is shooting at targets that are simply too far away. If your enemy is out of range, or you don't have a scope and rifle, don't even fire your weapon. 

That's because most of the good players use sound or even headphones, and you'll give away your position. Not only that, but you just wasted a bullet and gave yourself away for nothing. 

If you can't hit a target, don't put yourself a risk trying. Of course, this will take time as you learn your skills, aim, how each gun works, and how far to lead-off a target. 

Additionally, if an enemy hasn't spotted you yet and they're running around clueless, don't fire as they'll get defensive. Sneak up on them, take your time, and get a good headshot if you can. 

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