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PUBG Mobile Cheats

PUBG Mobile Cheats

Don't cheat! Can we just not talk about this at all?

We wanted to specifically mention PUBG Mobile cheats because it's something we hear about all the time. Sometimes there is lag in the game, as people are playing on a mobile connection. You'll see people run incredibly fast, bullets that don't damage targets and other weird glitches. 

Most likely this isn't a cheater, but the game glitching out or someone's internet failed. 

That's not to say people can't or don't cheat, because they do. If you go to YouTube you'll find all types of videos about cheating in PUBG Mobile. Hacks can make every enemy a plain white rectangle, making them easy to see and shoot. You can walk through walls, use aimbots, and other random cheats. 

At the same time, don't trust PUBG Mobile "hacks". Most of these mods or hacked game install files are dangerous and malicious. We don't recommend downloading PUBG Mobile from any outside sources. Get it from iTunes, or the Google Play Store. That's it! 

Anywhere else is a risk you shouldn't take on your smartphone. 

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