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PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks to Win Battles



Get Headphones or a Controller

Get Headphones or a Controller

If you truly want an edge over the competition, use headphones while playing PUBG. A huge part of shooter games is sound. You can hear people around you, where shots come from, or even footsteps.

Get good headphones (not those free buds that came in your phone's box) and hear the enemy before they see you. Use this to your advantage and trick opponents, double-back, and shoot someone in the back. 

Additionally, try using a controller. Whether that's a Bluetooth controller where you can customize the controls or even those little touchscreen sensitivity bumper controllers. These will help you aim, fire with greater accuracy, and win more firefights. 

Some might consider using a controller cheating in PUBG Mobile, but I'll do whatever it takes to win. Just not actual cheating. 

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