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4 Reasons to Install the Pixel Android O Update & 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t

Google’s latest Android O beta is here and it’s a tempting upgrade for Pixel and Pixel XL users. While there are certainly some new features and reasons to try it today, there are also reasons to avoid the Android O beta on the Google Pixel and other supported devices.

Google recently released a stable version of Android 7.1.2 Nougat for the Pixel. That’s the last official software update. However, in an effort to test and improve what’s coming next, the developer preview and Android O beta is another option.

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Users with any of Google’s recent devices are eligible for the Android O beta. We’ll be sharing details on the Pixel update and if it’s worth installing. If you’re considering trying Android O read on for some of the benefits and downsides.

While Android 7.1.1 and even 7.1.2 were small maintenance releases for Nougat, Android O is a much bigger update. It’s the next big software release and will likely be called Android 8.0 Oreo, or something similar.

Right now we don’t know too much about Android O. The first beta was very bare-bones, and the second preview was released on May 17th. Pixel owners can expect a third beta this summer, with the official release slated for August or September. However, on stage one Googler casually mentioned a summer release date.

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Today though, Android O is still pretty promising. Some new features include dynamic icons, bundled notifications, limiting background processes to improve battery life and other small tweaks. Google redesigned the settings menu, added picture-in-picture mode, and introduced auto-fill to apps. How Google Chrome remembers forms, login details and your address, something similar will happen inside Android apps. There’s a lot to like, and this is just the beginning of a larger update.

Pixel owners will also enjoy the new Notification Dots on icons, which ties into the app shortcuts. Long-press an app icon on for tons of new options, quick access to aspects inside of the app, or see notifications at a glance. Not to mention potential fixes for a wide array of Pixel problems, like Bluetooth drops.

Considering this is an early developer preview and new software, it is not the most stable version of Android available. In fact, Google themselves warned users about bugs and states it is not ready for daily use. The beta is for developers and to gather feedback, not to use on your primary device.

Installing the Android O beta has its benefits but there are also downsides to using early software and we want to discuss those here. This list of reasons should help you decide if it is worth trying the Google Pixel Android O beta.

Install Android O If You Like Living on the Edge

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Install Android O If You Like Living on the Edge

Google's developer preview betas are exactly that, an early developer preview. They aren't intended for anyone and everyone. Even though anyone that wants to try it can.

Pixel owners will run into bugs, there's no question about that. Google themselves confirmed more than a few are present in the software. Furthermore, Google states a fix won't arrive until later this summer. That didn't stop me though. I have it on my Pixel XL and Pixel C tablet. The first beta had some crashes, but so far the second beta is running quite smooth. 

This means that you should only install it if you like living on the edge, and can deal with these issues. Yes, it has some benefits, but also a few cons. So far the software runs pretty smooth, and battery life seems decent. Don't say we didn't warn you though. 

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