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5 Reasons Not To Install the macOS Catalina Beta & 7 Reasons You Should



Install if You're Having Problems on Mojave

Install if You're Having Problems on Mojave

Are you dealing with a lot of macOS Mojave problems? You can try installing the macOS Catalina beta to see if it fixes those issues. 

While it is a beta that may bring other issues, many times Apple includes new features and upgrades that can solve annoying issues and problems on your Mac without specifically mentioning them as a new feature or in the release notes. 

We've seen macOS betas fix bad battery life, performance and even connectivity issues for users in the past. If macOS 10.14.5 isn't cutting it for you right now, try out macOS 10.15. 

If you don't like the experience, you can always downgrade to macOS Majove

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