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9 Reasons Students Need Amazon Prime & 4 Reasons They Don’t



For Amazon Video & Prime Music

For Amazon Video & Prime Music

With Amazon Prime you get access to Amazon Prime Video and Prime Music. You can also get a discount on Amazon Music Unlimited with Prime. 

Amazon Prime Video includes unlimited streaming of many TV shows, movies and Amazon originals to your TV, phone or tablet. This can replace Netflix for many people, and it might just help you save each month by skipping rentals or cancelling Netflix. 

You also get access to Prime Music, which is an unlimited ad-free music program with playlists that contain over a million songs. This isn't a direct Spotify or Apple Music replacement.

You'll need to pay for the Amazon Music Unlimited program to get that kind of access. You can sign up for a free trial to see if you like it. It's discounted after the trial if you are a Prime member. 

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