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4 Reasons to Wait for the Galaxy Buds & 3 Reasons Not to



Wait For Better Galaxy Bud Battery Life

Wait For Better Galaxy Bud Battery Life

Our last slight briefly mentioned battery life, but we can almost guarantee that a big part of Samsung's announcement for Galaxy Buds (if they actually come out) will be about battery life. 

When compared to the Pixel Buds or Airpods, Samsung's Gear IconX (2018) actually had a decent advantage. They had storage built-in so you didn't have to stream music from a phone or Spotify, or even take a phone on a run or the gym. As a result, they last up to 6-7 hours in standalone mode and about 4-hours if you're streaming music from a Bluetooth device. 

Combine a powerful new wearable processor, bigger battery, software refinements and Bluetooth 5.0 all into the Galaxy Buds, and we're expecting something even better. Hopefully 6-7 hours regular and up to 8-10 hours of standalone music playback. That would be nearly 2x, and better than most of the competition in this space. 

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