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4 Reasons to Wait for the Galaxy Buds & 3 Reasons Not to



Don't Wait If You Can't Afford It

Don't Wait If You Can't Afford It

Don't wait for the Galaxy Buds if you won't be able to afford them. These will be expensive headphones, well, if they ever get released.

In fact, they'll cost a lot more than most earbuds with a similar sound. You're paying for the features, style, Galaxy brand and wireless connectivity.

Samsung's IconX (2018) are $179, which is pretty expensive for what they have to offer. The company priced them right up there with Apple's AirPods. You can expect this new model to cost about the same, if not more. Especially if Samsung manages to make some big improvements to the design.

That's a lot to spend on headphones. Not to mention you can get the original IconX at steep discounts everywhere. 

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