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4 Reasons to Wait for the Galaxy Buds & 3 Reasons Not to



Wait For New Galaxy Buds Features & Better Sound

Wait For New Galaxy Buds Features & Better Sound

Samsung won't just release headphones to release headphones. They've worked hard on fitness apps, services, tools, and Bixby, which will all tie in to deliver a premium experience on new earbuds.

Now that Samsung had over a year to learn what consumers want, and didn't want from wireless headphones, they'll take everything they learned and hopefully deliver a great product with cool features and better sound. The new Galaxy Buds are "Tuned by AKG" from Harmon Kardon, which is owned by Samsung.

Things like gesture controls and taps on the small earbuds, in-ear detection to improve battery life, auto-pair functionality and more. In-ear detection is a big one. The earbuds know when you're wearing them and instantly pair to one another, then start playing music. When you take it out they'll instantly pause, and eventually, sleep and turn off. Yes, Samsung updated the IconX here and there, but that was simply to try and fix Bluetooth or bugs, not deliver new features. 

Expect the Galaxy Buds to work closely with the Google Assistant and Samsung's Bixby both, so you can ask questions and receive answers all hands-free. Yes, we know the 2018 model had Bixby, but they weren't much better than the originals. 

That's on top of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, 8GB of internal storage (double previous models), multiple color options, and a case with wireless charging built-in. That way its easy to recharge your buds in the case, and the case too on something like the Wireless Charger Duo

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