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Samsung Galaxy Android 11 Update: 6 Things to Expect & 3 Not To



Expect a Long List of Changes

Expect a Long List of Changes

You can expect Samsung's version of Android 11 to come with a long list of changes. It'll build on the foundation left behind by One UI 2.x. 

Android 11 is still in beta so we're still learning about the changes on board. The Android 11 beta has several enhancements and tweaks for Pixel devices though it'll be interesting to see what does, and what doesn't, make it into the final release. 

Samsung's version of Android 11 will come with many of these base level changes from Google. You can also expect the company to offer some improvements of its own. 

You can also expect security updates and bug fixes for lingering Android 10 problems. 

We should see Samsung's version of Android 11 leak out in advance so keep an eye out for rumors as we push toward the release. 

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