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Samsung Galaxy Android 5.1.1 Release Breakdown



The Samsung Galaxy Android 5.1.1 update remains in focus as we push deeper into July towards Samsung’s rumored Galaxy Note 5 release in August. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a number of new details emerge and today we want to breakdown everything we know about the Android 5.1.1 release for Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 4, and others.

Earlier this year, Samsung started rolling out a brand new version of Lollipop dubbed Android 5.1.1. The Android 5.1.1 update is Google’s latest and perhaps final version of its Lollipop operating system as it continues to work on its Android M update. For Galaxy owners, it’s a bug fixer that tackles several issues and brings additional enhancements.

While Android 5.1.1 is an important update, Samsung hasn’t exactly rolled out the red carpet. Its been pushing out updates, yes, but the company hasn’t been treating it like an Android 5.0. We haven’t seen any official announcements and we’ve seen updates roll out at random to Galaxy smartphone and tablet owners. For the average Galaxy owner, it’s all a bit confusing.

Well, we want to help simplify things a little bit and bring you a look at the most important things we’ve found regarding the Galaxy Android 5.1.1 release. This roundup includes details from the past two weeks and it includes a look at some broader details including Galaxy Android 5.1.1 problems and more.

Samsung Galaxy S6


The Samsung Galaxy S6 was one of the first devices to get the Android 5.1.1 update. Unsurprisingly, its Android 5.1.1 update has made the most progress.

We’ve seen the Galaxy S6 Android 5.1.1 update hit a number of devices including the T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellular models in the United States. AT&T and Verizon haven’t rolled out their own Galaxy S6 Android 5.1.1 updates yet. Both models recently received smaller bug fixers that kept them on earlier versions of Android Lollipop. It’s not clear if they plan to roll out Android 5.1.

We do know that several other carriers do have plans to push Android 5.1.1 to the Galaxy S6. The Android 5.1.1 update is still poised to hit carriers in Canada. Australian carrier Optus is planning to push a Galaxy S6 Android 5.1.1 update out before the end of July. And fellow Aussie carrier Vodafone says that it has completed testing on the update and plans to release it soon.

There are other releases that are probably a bit further out but the important thing to note is that we’re still very much in the thick of a Galaxy S6 Android 5.1.1 push. And with weeks, perhaps months to go before the arrival of Android M, lots can happen.

Keep an eye out for your Android 5.1.1 update or information from your carrier. International carriers typically talk much more than U.S. carriers.

And while it’s not available in the United States, the Galaxy S6 Duos recently got its bump to Android 5.1.1. Look for that update to pick up in the future as well.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


The Galaxy S6 Edge Android 5.1.1 update rolled out alongside the Galaxy S6 Android 5.1.1 update. And like the Galaxy S6 Android 5.1.1 update, it continues to make substantial progress as we push away from its initial release.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge Android 5.1.1 story mirrors the Galaxy S6’s. We’ve seen it roll out for Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular but we haven’t seen it emerge for AT&T or Verizon. Both of those devices recently got smaller bug fixers so it’s not clear if they plan to roll something else out between now and the arrival of Android M.

Like the Galaxy S6 Android 5.1.1 update, the Galaxy S6 Edge Android 5.1.1 update should be hitting Canada soon. It should be hitting Optus soon. And yes, it should be hitting Vodafone soon. Oh, and it should be coming to more carriers in the future, that we know as well.

This roll out is far from over and we should see new details emerge in the days, weeks, and perhaps months ahead as Samsung completes testing behind the scenes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 release hasn’t been as straight forward. As we noted earlier this month the update, which has been all but confirmed thanks to rumors, started showing up on some Galaxy Note 4 models in Russia. Samsung typically uses Russia as a guinea pig for new Android 5.1.1 updates but we haven’t seen the update make a full blown push there or anywhere else.

We also haven’t seen information from carriers flow like it has for the Galaxy S6 and others. Carriers like Rogers and SFR haven’t outlined their plans for the Galaxy Note 4, a sign that a release could be a little ways away.

It’s not clear how widespread this roll out will be though. We’ve seen U.S. carriers roll out non-Android 5.1.1 bug fixers to the Galaxy Note 4 in recent weeks. First it was Sprint and more recently, Verizon pushed out a small bug fix update for its version of the Galaxy Note 4.

Those don’t rule out Android 5.1.1 but they certainly don’t help to confirm a release either. Remember, the initial release was rumored for July and we’re just a little over the halfway mark so there’s still time for new details to emerge.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge


The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, the curved version of the Galaxy Note 4, is getting Android 5.1.1 right now. And better yet, a U.S. model was the first to receive the update.

Earlier this week, Sprint became the first U.S. carrier to push out an Android 5.1 update for the Galaxy Note. The update takes the device to Android 5.1 and it delivers what it calls “various bug fixes and enhancements.”

Unfortunately, Sprint’s update is the only bit of information we have at the moment. Other U.S. carriers and carriers outside of the United States remain silent about their plans.

Like the others, we expect more details to arrive in the near future so if you own this version of the Galaxy Note 4, you’ll want to be on the lookout.

Samsung Galaxy S5


The Samsung Galaxy S5 Android 5.1.1 update is live for the T-Mobile version Galaxy S5. It has been for works. Oddly enough, we haven’t seen anyone else follow it up and we only know about one other Galaxy S5 Android 5.1.1 update that’s on the way.

French carrier SFR has confirmed the Android 5.1.1 update for its version of the Galaxy S5 though it’s not clear when the update will roll out.

The carrier didn’t attach a specific time frame to the update and that means it could be weeks even months before it starts rolling out. That’s assuming Samsung and SFR get it right in testing.

We sincerely doubt that Samsung will limit the Galaxy S5 Android 5.1.1 update to two devices so you’ll want to keep an eye out as we push deeper into the summer.

Galaxy Tablets


Smartphones aren’t the only devices getting Android 5.1.1. Samsung recently started rolling out the Android 5.1.1 update to the Wi-Fi version of the Galaxy Tab 8.0 in South Korea.

As of right now, this is the only Galaxy tablet that’s on Android 5.1.1 though we expect there to be more upgrades as time goes on. It’s important to note that this tablet made the move to Android 5.1.1 directly from Android KitKat so we could see others do the same.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 & Others



Many of Samsung’s upcoming phones will likely run Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. The Galaxy Note 5, set to arrive next month, is likely going to have Android 5.1.1 rather than Android M. Android M is expected to deploy next month but it will probably start out on Nexus devices.

Recent unofficial benchmarks assert that Samsung is at least testing Android 5.1.1 on the Galaxy J2 ahead of its release. The Galaxy J2 is a rumored mid-range phone.

Android 5.1.1 is also supposed to be the stock software on board the Galaxy S6 Edge+. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ will reportedly launch alongside the Galaxy Note 5 and it will feature as a large alternative to the Galaxy S6 Edge.

So, the takeaway here is that Samsung’s upcoming devices will either have Android 5,1.1 on board or Android M. Samsung hasn’t confirmed Android M yet but it’s coming.

Android 5.1.1 Problems & Fixes


And finally, Android 5.1.1 problems continue to plague owners of the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S5.

If you head to T-Mobile’s forums for the Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 Edge, its Galaxy S5 forums, or Sprint’s forums for the Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 Edge, you’ll notice a number of complaints about Android 5.1.1 problems. These issues range from tethering issues to problems with random reboots.

First, we want to note that these problems are extremely isolated. That is to say, a majority of the people that have downloaded these updates are getting good performance from Android 5.1.1.

And second, we’ve put together a list of fixes that should help if you run into issues with the Android 5.1.1 software. These fixes are proven solutions to some of Android’s most common issues and they’re worth storing in your memory bank for future use.

10 Important Samsung Galaxy Android 5.1.1 Details

Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 Release Probably Close

Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 Release Probably Close

One of the most important things to know about the Samsung Galaxy Android 5.1.1 release is that the Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 update appears to be close

Earlier this week, some sites reported that the Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 update had begun rolling out in Russia. Russia is typically among the first places to get new Samsung Galaxy updates so the region (and timing) made a ton of sense. 

As we've pointed out, it's not clear if the update is rolling out OTA. Even if it's not, it looks like the Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 release is close. 

All along, the Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 update has been rumored for release in July. So unless Samsung hits a snag behind the scenes in testing, it looks like the Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 update should be the next major Android 5.1.1 release. 

As of right now, it looks like the update will likely be focused on bug fixes and it may not come with some of the features that came with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Android 5.1.1 update. We should know more later on this month.

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1 Comment

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    07/19/2015 at 9:19 am

    What about note 3? 5.0 has a million buhs, what a mess Samsung made of that.

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