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5 Reasons to Pre-Order The Division 2 & 3 Reasons to Wait



This is a look at the reasons to pre-order The Division 2 right now, and a few reasons to wait for The Division 2 to arrive before you hand over your money and pre-order. With a release date just around the corner we know a lot about the game, but there are still some things you need to think about before you hand over your cash.

It’s especially important if you plan to buy one of the more expensive The Division 2 editions or if you want to buy the digital version, which you cannot get refunds for if you buy direct from Microsoft or Sony.

The Division 2 is the follow up to The Division that arrived in 2016 and that Ubisoft’s given a lot of support to through patches and new content over the last several years. We already know a good deal about how The Division DLC will work and how in-game purchases will work, which is a very important feature in a game with Player vs Player sections. Here are the reasons to pre-order The Division 2;

  1. Pre-Order The Division 2 for Deals
  2. Pre-Order The Division 2 for Bonuses
  3. Pre-Order The Division 2 to Pre-Load
  4. Pre-Order if You Like The Year Pass and DLC Info
  5. Pre-Order The Division 2 if You Liked the Beta

You can pre-order The Division 2 at Best BuyAmazonNeweggGameStop and digitally through XboxPlayStation or Epic Games from $59.99 and up. Thankfully there are a few deals out there right now as well.

While there are a good number of reasons to pre-order The Division 2 right now, there are a few reasons to hold off and wait. These reasons are important, and you will learn the answers soon enough.

  1. Wait for The Division 2 Reviews
  2. Wait to See if There Are Problems
  3. Wait for Bigger Deals

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the important things you need to know and the reasons to pre-order The Division 2 and the best reasons to wait a few weeks or longer before you buy the game.

Pre-Order The Division 2 for Deals

Pre-Order The Division 2 for Deals

One of the biggest reasons to pre-order The Division 2 is to lock in some of the early deals. You can save $6 to $10 on the base version of the game and potentially more on the higher end The Division 2 editions.

You can save with The Division 2 deals at Best Buy and Newegg, and there are a few other places you can look if you are buying on PC, where there are a few more deals and even some free games with purchase. 

Best Buy offers a $10 reward certificate when you pre-order any edition of The Division 2. This is only valid during the pre-order period. You pay the full price up front and get $10 to spend on something else at Best Buy later. 

Newegg offers $10 off The Division 2 Gold Edition and $6 off the standard edition. This is an up front discount and it is only on the digital version of the game. Expect this to disappear after the release date. 

Green Man Gaming offers 12% off the PC version of The Division 2 across all editions. This deal is only valid until March 15th, and then the game will no longer be sold on third party stores. The PS4 version is available for 7% off across all editions. 

Ubisoft offers Watch Dogs 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands or Far Cry Primal free when you pre-order The Division 2.

If you want to save and play on day one, these are the deals you need to take advantage of before it's too late. 

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