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Should I Wait for the New Xbox or Buy the Xbox One Today?



Should I wait for the new Xbox or buy a Xbox One X today? This is a question I’m hearing more and more from friends who are thinking about what console they will play their games on this year and beyond. It’s something I can help you with.

I’ll walk you through what you need to know about the new Xbox, codenamed Xbox Scarlett, and help you decide if you should wait for for it or buy a Xbox One X or Xbox One S today.

It’s very easy to keep waiting for the next big thing, and it’s still very early when talking about the next Xbox. Don’t expect to see a 2018 Xbox or even a 2019 Xbox announcement. There are some good reasons to start waiting for the new Xbox, but there are a lot of good reasons to skip waiting and buy a Xbox Today.

The Xbox One is nearly five years old, but in that time Microsoft announced the Xbox One S with new features and the current top of the line Xbox One X, which offers 4K gaming and better performance.

Microsoft bet big on entertainment and is in a race to regain steam with exclusives on the Xbox One, which is something we’ll certainly see translate into the new Xbox as well.

New Xbox Rumor Roundup

Microsoft is already showing some of their plans for the new Xbox with a push towards subscription gaming with the Xbox Game Pass, and talking about plans in meetings at E3 despite no specific announcement.

Don’t expect a new Xbox release date in 2018 or 2019. The odds are looking much more likely that you will need to wait until 2020 at the earliest.

At E3 Phil Spencer confirmed that Microsoft was working on new Xbox hardware. We’ve also learned that the code-name is Xbox Scarlett, but that there is no specific time frame. Spencer notes that Microsoft wants to deliver better frame rates and faster start times.

Speaking with Giant Bomb, Spencer says, “I think frame rate is an area where consoles can do more. When you look at the balance between CPU and GPU in today’s consoles they’re a little bit out of whack relative to what’s on the PC side.”

Spencer did specifically mention game streaming, saying that Microsoft cloud engineers are working on the technology needed to deliver console quality gaming on any device with a screen and an Internet connection. You can already stream from your Xbox One to PC or Mac.

Backward’s compatibility is a huge part of the Xbox ecosystem. You can play many Xbox and Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One, and it sounds like this will be a feature on the new Xbox.

Spencer told EuroGamer, “When people buy an Xbox, they buy into an ecosystem and they become an Xbox fan. Many of the Xbox fans we have today started on the original Xbox, were with us on 360 and they’re with us now on Xbox One. I trust their commitment to our devices and our services as we go through this journey with them. So, I’m going to be open with them”

It also looks like Microsoft will make more than one new Xbox model, which may end up looking similar to the current Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X setup.

Wait If You Own the Xbox One S

Wait If You Own the Xbox One S

If you already own the Xbox One S, you can probably wait for the Xbox Two, or whatever the new Xbox is called. 

The Xbox One S supports HDR and includes a 4K Blu-Ray player. It doesn't deliver 4K gaming or the same performance as the Xbox One X, but with this console you can enjoy 4K movies and see games and movies in HDR. You can also play all of the same games as the Xbox One X. 

You may want to upgrade to the Xbox One X when there is a price drop, or if you need games to load in faster, you may want to buy a SSD for your Xbox One S, but you can likely hold off for the next few years before you upgrade if you aren't in need of the upgrades that the Xbox One X delivers. 

If you already own the Xbox One X, then you don't have anything else to upgrade to yet at this point anyway. 

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