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Should I Wait for Xbox Series X or Buy the Xbox One Today?



Should I wait for Xbox Series X or buy a Xbox One X today? There are still a lot of good reasons to buy the Xbox One X and even the Xbox One S or Xbox One S All Digital, but new details may convince some buyers to hold off a little longer to buy Xbox Series X that is now official. If you’re asking this question, this is what you need to know now that Microsoft confirmed the Xbox Series X console and Sony confirms key PS5 specs and features.

This guide walks you through what you need to know about the new Xbox, called Xbox Series X which is coming in 2020 with Ray Tracing, a new SSD and an upgraded processor. This is launching with the new Halo Infinite game, but that’s not the only reason to wait for the next Xbox.

Keep reading and we will help you decide if you should wait for for it or buy an Xbox One X or Xbox One S today.

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It’s very easy to keep waiting for the next big thing, and it’s still very early when talking about the next Xbox. Microsoft confirmed that this is a 2020 release date, so you have almost a year before the Xbox Series X release date.

There are some good reasons to wait for Xbox Series X, but there are a lot of good reasons to skip waiting and buy a Xbox Today.

The Xbox One is nearly five years old, but in that time Microsoft announced the Xbox One S with new features and the current top of the line Xbox One X, which offers 4K gaming and better performance.

Xbox Series X Release Date

The Xbox Series X release date is Holiday 2020, which likely means a November release time frame. It could arrive a little earlier, but traditionally Microsoft aims for mid to late November.

The Xbox arrived on November 15th, the Xbox 360 on November 22nd and the Xbox One on the 22nd as well. The One X was the earliest holiday release in recent memory with a November 7th arrival.

Expect to see the new console arrive on a Tuesday or a Friday with likely dates during the week of November 9th through the 20th. It would be a major surprise to see the console arrive during Thanksgiving week or any later.

The Halo Infinite release date is timed with Series X, so without any delays, the pre-Thanksgiving November timing makes sense.

Sony’s plans may also influence the Xbox Series X release date as Sony is planning a holiday 2020 PS5 release date.

Xbox Series X Specs

Microsoft confirmed a lot of Xbox Series X specs and capabilities as well as some of the features. Here’s what we know so far;

  • CPU: Custom CPU based on AMD Zen 2
  • GPU: Radeon RDNA based
  • RAM: GDDR6
  • Raytracing
  • HDMI 2.1
  • Supports 8K Resolution
  • Backwards Compatible 
  • Supports Physical Media
  • Custom SSD

Xbox Series  Features

This dictates some of the known Xbox Series X features and Microsoft outlines additional features in the announcement.

Microsoft made a big deal about 8K support and 120 FPS, but keep in mind that this is marketing.

In the real world, Xbox Series X will likely support 8K streaming like the Xbox One S supports 4K streaming. This would allow you to stream 8K content from Netflix and other sources to an 8K TV. There are 8K TVs on the market, but not tons of 8K content yet.

Support for 120 FPS also sounds amazing, but it will be interesting to see what resolution it is at.

The new Xbox will support Raytracing, which delivers great looking graphics and is typically found on high-end gaming PCs.

There will still be a physical drive on the Xbox Series X. We expect to learn more about streaming from this new Xbox to other devices soon.

Xbox Series X Price

There is no official Xbox Series X pricing information, but you can expect to pay a lot.

We’re still hearing that Microsoft could deliver multiple models aimed at different types of consumers.

There is a good chance that the most expensive model will be $499 or above with a lower feature version around $399 and even a streaming-only model coming in cheaper.

The PS5 price complicates things. If Sony delivers similar specs, Microsoft will need to keep the PS5 price in mind in order to not hand over more ground to Sony like they did with the Xbox One and PS4.

With Xbox Series X details confirmed and more than a year to wait, many gamers are still wondering if they should buy the Xbox One S or Xbox One X today or wait for the Xbox Series X. Here’s our guide to help you decide.

Wait If You Own the Xbox One S

Wait If You Own the Xbox One S

If you already own the Xbox One S, you can probably wait for Xbox Series X.. 

The Xbox One S supports HDR and includes a 4K Blu-Ray player. It doesn't deliver 4K gaming or the same performance as the Xbox One X, but with this console you can enjoy 4K movies and see games and movies in HDR. You can also play all of the same games as the Xbox One X. 

You may want to upgrade to the Xbox One X if you can find a killer deal, or if you need games to load in faster, you may want to buy a SSD for your Xbox One S, but you can likely hold off until 2020. 

If you already own the Xbox One X, then you don't have anything else to upgrade to yet at this point anyway. 

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