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6 Reasons Not To Buy the Xbox One S All Digital & 3 Reasons You Should



“Should I buy the Xbox One S All Digital?” is what a friend texted me as soon as Microsoft announced the new Xbox One with no disc drive. While the 2019 Xbox One isn’t a powerhouse like the Xbox One X, it may be the right fit for you. We’re taking a closer look at the Xbox One S All Digital to help you decide if you should buy it or if you should pass on the game.

The Xbox One S All Digital arrives on May 7th and you can pre-order it now for $249, which is cheaper than the official price of the Xbox One S with a Blu-Ray drive, but more expensive than what Amazon and Walmart currently charge. This may answer your question already, but you can keep reading to learn more about the differences and the reasons to buy the Xbox One S All Digital.

With the 2019 Xbox One S update you get a Xbox One S without a Blu-Ray drive. That’s literally the only change, and it means you cannot play games you buy on a disc, so now borrowing or renting games. It also means you can’t watch 4K Blu-Ray movies, but you can still stream in 4K HDR and you can game in HDR.

You can buy the Xbox One S All Digital at Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart and Best Buy for $249.99

This is not the next Xbox of PS5 gaming levels, but it is a tempting option for gamers who are upgrading from an Xbox One with a lot of digital games, or gamers who are ready to finally upgrade from a Xbox 360 or PS3.

Reasons to Buy the Xbox One S All Digital

  1. You Buy All Your Games Digitally
  2. You Plan to Use Game Pass & EA Access
  3. You Like the Free Games

Reasons Not to Buy the Xbox One S All Digital

  1. Wait for Xbox One S All Digital Deals
  2. You Want a Cheaper Xbox One S
  3. You Have a Big Library of Physical Games
  4. You Rent or Borrow Games
  5. You Need a 4K Blu-Ray Player
  6. You Want More Power with the Xbox One X

Here’s a closer look at the reasons to buy the Xbox One S All Digital and the reasons you should wait or look at an alternative.

You Buy All Your Games Digitally

You Buy All Your Games Digitally
$249.99 from Amazon

Do you plan to buy all your Xbox One games digitally, or have you already made the switch? That's one of the biggest reasons to buy the Xbox One S All Digital Edition. 

While there was a rumor that the all digital Xbox One would come with a trade-in program to upgrade your games to digital copies, that is not mentioned and you shouldn't buy this version expecting an option. 

This is focused on gamers that already buy all their games digitally or who are upgrading from an older model and plan to buy all games digitally. One of the benefits of buying all your games digitally is that you can easily switch games without getting up and you don't need to worry about kids or pets damaging the discs. 

Of course, you can go all digital with any other Xbox One S or Xbox One X, so it's not a standalone reason to buy this specific model. 



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