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10 Shows Worth Subscribing to Amazon Prime Video For



Their rise began quietly, but video subscription services are making lots of noise as they attempt to undermine traditional television. Netflix was the first to offer a video subscription service that was good enough to kill off your cable subscription. Always interested in spreading the tendrils of its Prime services, Amazon launched Amazon Prime Video not too long after Netflix streaming arrived. At worst, Amazon Prime Video has enough shows to supplement your cable subscription. At best, Amazon Prime Video can replace a cable subscription. The key to both is Amazon Prime Video’s blend of video content. There are so many great shows on Amazon Prime you’ll find yourself never wanting to cancel.

Amazon signs deals with content creators to bring their television shows to its library. These videos, which are available at no additional charge for Prime users, have a flag letting users know that watching them won’t cost anything extra. Amazon takes exclusive content deals seriously, guaranteeing them streaming rights for networks that aren’t available on other platforms, Nickelodeon and HBO being among them.

Amazon Prime Video

You’ll want to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video for these shows.

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Amazon Originals are the main course, though. The company offers a huge assortment of content that you can’t get anywhere else, including Netflix and Hulu Plus. Pilots of these shows are created by Amazon and made available for free. Subscribers vote and review their favorites to help the service decide which to keep.

An Amazon Video subscription itself costs $8.99. Amazon Prime, the overall subscription offering that unlocks upgraded shipping, music streaming, a Kindle library, video game discounts and photo backups, costs $10.99 a month or $99 a year.

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Together the potent mix of Amazon Originals television shows and the stuff that’s available from traditional cable networks are enough to make you wish you could forget all your responsibilities and spend your time just enjoying Amazon Prime Video. Anyone that’s tried the service in recent years will likely agree.

Here are 10 shows worth subscribing to Amazon Prime Video for. Original or from a network, they’ll have you ready to never leave the service.



 Catastrophe is a modern love story focusing on Rob and Sharon, two people who didn’t actually end up in love until they were married. Fair warning, they could fall out love at any time too. Add in his off-the-wall mother and some of her insecurities and you end up with a train wreck you can’t hit the pause button on.

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