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SongPop 2: 5 Things Players Need to Know



SongPop 2 is the return of the popular name that tune game for iPhone. If you haven’t played SongPop or SongPop 2 before it’s like a musical version of Trivia Crack that is just as addicting and it lets you listen to your favorite periods of music.

Even if you aren’t a great musical master, you can still have fun and win in SongPop 2 with playlists that match your favorite type of music and favorite decades of music. As someone who grew up on grunge and alternative in the 90’s I was surprised to find that the SongPop 2 playlists include artists and songs that are instantly recognizable — even though I’m no musical expert.

The SongPop 2 app is free, but there are options to buy new playlists in the game. We’ll show you what’s important to know about SongPop 2, help you with SongPop 2 tips and tricks and outline why you should connect to Facebook or an email address.

Here are the important things that players need to know about SongPop 2, the latest name that tune style game for iPhone. Although the original SongPop is on Android, there is no SongPop 2 Android download yet and we don’t know when a SongPop 2 Android release date is planned.

What is SongPop 2?

SongPop 2 is a digital name that tune game that challenges players to pick the name of a song or the artist singing it. The music quality for most tracks is pretty low, but you can still get an idea about who is singing.

What you need to know about SongPop 2.

What you need to know about SongPop 2.

When you choose an opponent you’ll go through five songs with the computer or with an opponent. The faster you pick the more points you get, but if you guess wrong you don’t get any points. If you have no idea it is often better to wait for more of the song to play so that you can hear a clue in the lyrics.

There are a variety of playlists by genre and decade so that you can pick those that you are most familiar with. Many of the songs start at a chorus or a well-known part so that you have a better chance of guessing.

Download SongPop 2 for iPhone for free.

SongPop 2 In App Purchases

There are plenty of SongPop 2 in app purchases that allow you to spend real money on power ups and new playlists. You purchase coins that you then use to buy a power up that helps you find the right answer or a new playlist.

You can try most playlists for free, but you need to buy ones that you want to go back to with coins. You can earn coins by winning matches with other players, but you can also buy them.

SongPop 2 in app purchases range from 99 cents up to $24.99 depending on how many coins you need to keep going.

Connect SongPop 2 to Facebook

You can connect SongPop 2 to Facebook so that you can save your progress and keep your coins in sync across devices.

Players can start without linking to Facebook, but if you plan to buy any playlists or get into the game enough that you will want to play it on a new iPhone when you get one you should connect to Facebook. The app will not post to Facebook without your permission.

Get the most out of SongPop 2 when you connect to Facebook.

Get the most out of SongPop 2 when you connect to Facebook.

SongPop 2 Playlists

There are many SongPop 2 playlists to choose from. You can try many of them for free in the Party Mode and in other areas, but if you want full access to more than the six that you choose at the start you’ll need to unlock them as you play.

You can earn new SongPop 2 playlists by winning and unlocking achievements and you can also buy them with the coins that you earn while playing.

Tap on the coins in the upper left corner to start browsing the store, where you can choose to buy playlists and other items.

SongPop 2 Tips & Tricks

Play better with SongPop 2 tips and tricks.

Play better with SongPop 2 tips and tricks.

Winning at SongPop 2 isn’t just about being a musical genius. You can use some of the SongPop 2 tips and tricks below to score higher and beat your opponents. Although these come from the original game, they still apply to the new version of the game. Ronald NG of SiteCore shares these, and many other important SongPop tips on Quora.

  • Relax: the brain’s ability to recall music is automatic and instinctive  you either know it or you don’t. If you do, your brain doesn’t ‘think’ about it. I’ve found the more I relax, the faster my response times. Just don’t relax too much that your mind starts to wander. Oh, and hit the right answer,this is really important.
  • Scan don’t read: if you don’t know the basics of speed reading, this is something worth looking up. People who have had practice at eliminating @Subvocalization have a head start on playlists like ‘Duets’ where you have four answers like ‘Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes‘.
  • Instincts: trust them. If you get to about 2 seconds and you’re undecided between a couple, and you don’t want to use a powerup, hit the first one you thought was right.
  • Use headphones: the song gets to your ears faster and it blocks out distractions. Just don’t forget to feed your kids/dog/husbands.

Like with any fast paced game, we suggest taking a break between sessions to reset. It’s important to strike the right balance between waiting for a lyric that gives the song away and guessing with your gut.

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  1. Caryn Warwick

    07/27/2016 at 1:13 am

    I’ve been playing song pop for years now and love it but I got a Red Bull advert I can’t get rid of and can’t get back to the game !!! PLEASE help me. Many thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Tom Skotheim

    08/06/2016 at 12:27 pm

    Have another tip, after playing it for 3 years. Learn to listen to the lyrics! I’ve turned off opponents guess long time ago, since I prefer to not be interferred with it. But I don’t know shit about new music/country/rap, so I try pay attention to what the 10 seconds of song is about. In 60 % of the cases, I guess correct

  3. Tony

    09/09/2016 at 2:50 pm

    I want to send tickets to friend on song pop 2 how do I do it

  4. Maria

    12/01/2016 at 4:31 am

    Hi I accidentally deleted an a challenger and it said we could play 6 days later .. that is now up. I sent a new challenge but we still can’t play each other have you any idea on how to fix this?

  5. Alan

    02/16/2017 at 9:39 pm

    I can’t message people on song pop 2 on my galaxy on 5? It gives me no option in the game or on my keyboard to send the message? Someone please help me out! Thank you in advance!

  6. Naomi Besecker

    05/21/2017 at 8:24 pm

    I am getting frustrated! I can’t send messages from my Samsung 4 phone. There isn’t a send button. Funny thing is when I had regular Songpop, I was able to chat then. Please let me know how I can send messages. Thanks.

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