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Stunning Sapphire iPhone 6 Concept



The iPhone 6 will reportedly feature a Sapphire design that uses the harder than glass material to cover the display, but a new iPhone 6 concept shows us what it could look like if Apple decides to go back to the shiny glass back of the iPhone 4s, with a stronger material.

Sapphire is a scratch resistant material that is tough enough to withstand repeated abuse from concrete and other rough materials. Apple invested a $500 million dollars into a Sapphire technology company based in the U.S. last fall and recent reports indicate Apple is pushing to give Sapphire a larger role in the iPhone 6 design.

The Apple iPhone 6 is a new iPhone for 2014 that rumors indicate will arrive in two sizes, both with larger screens. The latest iPhone 6 rumors suggest a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and a 5.5-inch or 5.7-inch iPhone 6 that would be closer in size to a Galaxy Note 3. Rumors do not agree on all of the details, but a 4.7-inch Sapphire display covered iPhone 6 is a commonly repeated claim.

Most of the iPhone 6 rumors claim Apple will use the Sapphire material to cover a larger display, but a new iPhone 6 concept shows what a new iPhone could look like with a Sapphire back as well.

A new iPhone 6 concept based on leaks uses a Sapphire back.

A new iPhone 6 concept based on leaks uses a Sapphire back.

The latest iPhone 6 concept from Martin Hajek and shows a stunning Sapphire iPhone that delivers more curves, a thinner design and a Sapphire front and back. The image above shows a black iPhone 6 concept that includes much smaller bezels on the sides and on the top and bottom of the phone, and  phone that is .5mm smaller than the iPhone 5s.

With a Sapphire back there is no need for a two-tone aluminum and glass design to let antennas work as is required on the iPhone 5s. Instead of flat sides and chamfered edges this iPhone 6 concept opts for curved edges that look like a cross between the iPad mini and the new HTC One M8.

A Sapphire back on the iPhone 6 might be a possibility, but it will need to survive drops, not just scratches if Apple were to adopt a design like this. Corning, the maker of Gorilla Glass, claims Sapphire is not as strong as chemically strengthened glass when it comes to surviving drops. It’s tough to tell which is better, but if Apple is ready to invest half a billion dollars in the technology there is certainly a goal in mind.

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The iPhone 6 rumors point to a September release date. Recent rumors suggest Apple is opting for a better camera, but will not jump into the megapixel race to fight Samsung in a numbers game. The iPhone 6 will likely run iOS 8 which Apple will likely announce at a summer WWDC 2014 event ahead of a fall release.

10 Amazing iPhone 6 Concepts (Videos)

iPhone 6 Concept Shows Small, Medium and Large

iPhone 6 Concept Shows Small, Medium and Large

iPhone 6 rumors point to a larger display and this iPhone 6 concept is one of the first to show us what the iPhone 6 might look like with three sizes. If Apple introduces two new iPhone 6 models, it is likely that one smaller iPhone 5s type device will remain at a cheaper price.

This iPhone 6 concept from ConceptsiPhone on YouTube shows us what two larger iPhone 6 models could look like next to a mini model that offers a 3.5-inch display. We typically see Samsung and HTC offer three sizes with different versions of a similar phone, so it would not be out of the question. Still, it is more likely that Apple would stick with a 4-inch display on the smallest iPhone they sell in 2014.

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