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20 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases



Caseology Vault Slim Series ($16)

Caseology Vault Slim Series ($16)

Next, we're recommending the Caseology as a great overall case for your Galaxy S9. This is another popular brand with a lot of options, and the Vault is one of my favorites. 

The Caseology Vault uses a single piece of TPU material for complete durability. However, they've added a fake brushed metal finish on the back for a more premium and stylish design. Then, they've adopted a popular new trend by adding a textured, grip-like finish to the top and sides. This makes the phone easier to hold, and less slippery. 

You'll enjoy raised edges around the camera and screen, along with reinforced dual-layer TPU corners to keep the entire phone safe.

Buy it Now on Amazon for $15.99

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