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20 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases (2019)



Silk Q-Card Wallet Case & Kickstand

Silk Q-Card Wallet Case & Kickstand

Another premium case for the Galaxy S9 is the Silk Q-Card wallet case. Previously know as CM4, these guys make some of the best wallet cases for any Galaxy or iPhone. 

The new Silk Galaxy S9 wallet case uses durable materials with added textures so you'll never drop your phone in a lake, or the toilet. It's a durable TPU case with a faux leather wallet on the back. Silk makes these wallet cases strong enough to hold three credit cards plus some cash, without getting loose over time. This means 1-2 cards fit great and won't fall out, but you can add more if you'd like. 

Then, like some of the better cases, they have a lay-flat screen guard by offering raised edges on the front of the case. However, my favorite aspect of this case is the built-in kickstand. 

And in a genius move, they added a slot on the back where you can use your ID or Debit Card as a kickstand. Just pull it out of your wallet case, slide it on the notch and begin the "Netflix and chill" session. 

Buy it Now for $24.99 from Silk

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