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20 Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases (2019)



Tech21 Evo MAX

Tech21 Evo MAX

Do you want a case that can save your Galaxy S9 from a 14-foot drop? If so, buy this. Tech21 is a brand you've probably seen at Best Buy, Verizon, or AT&T retail stores. They're one of the most popular case manufacturers with a big retail presence. 

Every Tech21 case has a unique military-grade material that lines the inside of the case. This material is actually used in bulletproof vests, it's that durable. 

The brand new Tech21 EVO MAX is specifically designed for the Galaxy S9 and can survive a 14ft drop. That's more than the military-grade 10ft rating of many other popular brands. Basically, Tech21 is going above and beyond to ensure your phone never gets damaged. It's also only 1.4mm thin, so it's not a huge bulky case either. They've managed to find a perfect middle-ground for price, durability, and longevity in a slim package. 

Get it from Tech21 for $44.95

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