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7 Things to Know About the Pixel & Pixel 2 Android 8.1 Oreo Update



Be Prepared for the Update First

Be Prepared for the Update First

You'll want to be prepared for the Google Pixel and Pixel 2 Android 8.1 Oreo update before you proceed. Whether you're coming from 8.0 Oreo, the beta, or from Nougat, taking the right steps ahead of time can save you a lot of hassle and headache.

Here is a helpful guide that details some of the steps we take before major software updates on the Google Pixel. It talks about Android Nougat, but the same precautions apply.

Some of the tips include making enough space on your device for the update, to backing up important apps, files, and documents. This is the official release and it's here to stay. So take your time, don't rush, and be as prepared as possible before you hit download and install.



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