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Titanfall 2 DLC Release: 5 Things to Know



Taking chances isn’t usually something that video game designers do wholesale, but developer Respawn Entertainment seems to have thrown caution to the wind in designing Titanfall 2. The game’s launch didn’t go well, though. Respawn and EA are hoping that Titanfall 2 DLC releases coming this spring and summer will give the game a solid boost in players.

A Titanfall 2 pilot.

New Titanfall 2 DLC is on the way.

Easily one of last year’s most exciting announcements, Titanfall 2 attempted to right the wrongs of the first game and enhance what people said they liked. It added grapple hooks for more locomotion. Unlike the original game in the series, Titanfall 2 brought with it a single player story. It even launched on PS4.

All games get downloadable content after they launch. Titanfall 2 is the rare game made by a blockbuster studio that is mostly counting on DLC to change its fate. The game’s launch was sandwiched between the release of Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. EA believed that the game’s player base wouldn’t overlap with those two other shooters. The company was wrong. Despite launching on both the PS4 and Xbox One, Titanfall 2 severely undersold compared to its direct predecessor. That’s despite it being available on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PCs.

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With any luck, the Titanfall 2 DLC releases set for the near future will inspire people that didn’t play in the fall to pick the game up, thereby giving players that did get the game a reason for returning.

Here’s what you need to know about Titanfall 2 DLC.

Why You Need to Pay for Titanfall 2 DLC

Even before it launched the first piece of Titanfall 2 DLC, Respawn was talking publicly about its plans for add-on content. It always makes sense to inform gamers of what they can expect from add-on content before they make their purchase. It definitely made sense for Respawn, though. The company was among the first to ditch paid downloadable content entirely. After the launch of Titanfall, the studio unlocked content for everyone to download and began selling cosmetic items for gamers to purchase instead of maps.

That’s the plan for Titanfall 2 DLC as well. Maps and new Titans are both coming to the game at no charge, Respawn confirms again in a recent post on the Titanfall 2 blog.

What Titanfall 2 DLC is Available Now

The Angel City’s Most Wanted, Live Fire and Colony Reborn add-ons are already available for Titanfall 2. Again, because DLC for the game is free, you already have them after installing the game.

What’s Coming Soon in Titanfall 2 DLC Releases

The upgrades coming to Titanfall 2 between now and June 2017 roughly fit into four different categories. There’s general multiplayer maps, Live Fire Maps, new Titans and two more Prime Titans.

Two multiplayer maps are set to join the game’s line-up of maps available previously. They’re called Glitch and Relic. Another two maps are guaranteed to launch as well, Respawn says. These are specifically for the game’s Live Fire mode. They are Traffic and Deck. We’ll definitely get a detailed look at these new maps before they arrive.

Titanfall takes its name from Titans, the giant robots that are launched from space to assist pilots in battle. The game launched with a decent line-up of Titans. It’s getting another new Titan before the end of June.

Again, all this new content is coming free of charge. There’s no season pass or expansion packs for the game. Respawn and EA would rather keep the game’s entire population together than segment them into groups of people willing to pay for new maps and people not willing to pay.

Paid Titanfall 2 DLC Coming

Gamers don’t have to pay for new maps, but the game’s store does accept cash for upgrades. Ronin and Tone Prime Titan upgrades are coming to the game’s store.

Titanfall 2 Updates

It’s important to not confuse downloadable content with title updates. Title updates are free. They can fix bugs and add new features for everyone to enjoy. Respawn Entertainment has plenty of Titanfall 2 updates coming between now and June too. It’s already confirming some of the new features these updates will add.

Pilot and Titan running along a wall.

Sometime soon Titanfall 2 will have its Generation Level cap increased to 100. That’s great news for ever-vigilante multiplayer gamers that love the title. Private Match setup is coming to Live Fire and Coliseum Modes. A new mode the studio is calling Marked for Death is on its way. Pilot executions and a new game Faction are coming too. Finally, Respawn will add more to the game’s store. Expect new camos and skins this summer.

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Hopefully, all this new Titanfall 2 DLC will inspire gamers to give the game a second look. GameStop has new copies of Titanfall 2 for $39.99.

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