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Toon Blast App: 5 Things to Know



Toon Blast is a new puzzle matching game that reminds us of Candy Crush, without all the annoying time limits that came with that game. This is what you need to know about the Toon Blast app.

We’ll show you what you need to know about Toon Blast hacks and cheat, what parents need to know and share some of the Toon Blast tips that I use to earn free coins.

What is Toon Blast?

Toon Blast is a matching game, where you need to match up blocks of the same color to clear the board. As you play you’ll need to take out increasingly challenging obstacles by matching, including color matched blocks, two match to clear oysters and obstacles you can only clear with a bomb or rocket.

You may have seen a Toon Blast ad on TV or YouTube with Ryan Reynolds in a PSA style commercial, or the romantic movie set ad. It’s a funny ad, but it doesn’t tell you much about the game, other than to get across the addictive nature.

You can download Toon Blast from Apple and Google Play.

Is Toon Blast Safe for Kids to Play?

The Toon Blast app is safe for kids to play. This is a free game that is rated 4+ on iPhone and iPad and E for Everyone on Google Play and other app stores.

In game content is animated matching with no objectionable content in the game. There are no ads in the game even though it is free, which means there is no need to worry about bad ads showing up.

The biggest catch that may make Toon Blast not safe for kids is the in-app purchases. You’ll see many prompts to make in-app purchases for items and to buy coins to keep playing in a level or to buy more lives.

Toon Blast In App Purchases

What you need to know about Toon Blast in-app purchases.

What you need to know about Toon Blast in-app purchases.

There are a lot of Toon Blast in-app purchases and you will see a lot of prompts to buy them. You can play Toon Blast without spending real money, but it’s a challenge.

  • Tiny Coin Pack – $1.99
  • Super Bundle – $12.99
  • Toon Bundle – $6.99
  • Small Coin Pack – $4.99
  • Tiny Coin Pack – $0.99
  • Beginner’s Bundle – $1.99
  • Medium Coin Pack – $9.99
  • Piggy Bank – $2.99
  • Mega Bundle – $24.99
  • Large Coin Pack – $19.99
  • Giant Bundle – $49.99
  • Champion’s Bundle – $99.99
Parents can disable in-app purchases on iPhone or Android to limit kids spending money on these in app purchases. With purchases up to $99.99, one purchase could easily ding your bank account.

Toon Blast Tips & Tricks

Use these Toon Blast tips to earn more stars, go farther and avoid spending money for lives or coins.

Plan 3 Moves Ahead – Don’t match with this match in mind, look at where you need to move other blocks to complete objectives and to line up special blocks.

Love the Combos – You can make combos by matching five or more blocks. Use these to get ahead early, or to make a great late game save. Remember to look for opportunities where you can skip using rockets and go for a bomb or the disco ball.

Crown Challenges – Use the Crown Challenges when they are available to start new levels with special power ups. You’ll have to keep winning to get more power ups, but if you work this out you can knock out harder levels faster.

Use these Toon Blast tips and tricks to get ahead without buying coins.

Use these Toon Blast tips and tricks to get ahead without buying coins.

Don’t Cold Start With Add-Ons –  You may be tempted to start a hard level with an add on, especially if you have a Crown Challenge on your side, but sometimes you start a level with only 4 blocks. You should look up the levels online or play once and then see what you should add instead of going in blind.

Ask For Lives Early and Often – You can join a group and then ask for lives so that you don’t need to buy them when you run out. The best thing to do is ask for lives as soon as you get on, even if you have five lives. You can bank these on another tab, and then you can use them when you need more lives.

Switch Strategies Quickly – If you’re having trouble beating a level, stop wasting time and lives, and switch your strategy up. Look for big combos, or attack a different special first. Sometimes it’s not the obvious method that works.

If you are still stuck, you may be tempted to try the Toon Blast cheats and hacks that are online, but you’ll want to be careful if you proceed down that avenue.

Toon Blast Cheats & Hacks

Watch out for Toon Blast cheats that promise to give you unlimited lives and Toon Blast hacks that promise unlimited coins. This is a free app that makes money from in-app purchases; you are not going to hack it with a tool you find on a random webpage.

In most cases, these Toon Blast hacks ask you to verify yourself to make sure you are legit. This is just a way to get you to complete affiliate offers that they make money on, or to get your personal information. Don’t follow through thinking you will get unlimited coins or lives in Toon Blast.

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Free on iPhone & Android

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