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Top 10 Galaxy S9 Features You’ll Love



Super Slow-Motion 960 FPS Video

Super Slow-Motion 960 FPS Video

If you love recording videos or taking slow-motion video, you'll absolutely love the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. 

Samsung's new phones can slow down video clips to 960 FPS, which is the new Super-Slo-Mode. From what we're seeing users can create stunning 6-second videos with 0.02 seconds going extremely slow, and share them with the world. In fact, you can even set slow-motion videos as your lockscreen wallpaper. How cool is that?

When you're shooting in slow-mode the Galaxy S9 automatically detects any action or important movement in the frame and slows it down for you. Then, Samsung added a very powerful and easy-to-use video editing tool right on the phone. Take a slow-motion video, add some sound (or take out what they added automatically) then change the slow-motion part and tap save. 

Basically, the Galaxy S9 creates amazing slow-mo videos you can share with the world, or edit on the fly with ease. You can loop the clip, play it in reverse, or go both ways in one 10-second clip. It's pretty neat. 

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