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Top 10 Galaxy S9 Features You’ll Love



Dual Fast Cameras on the Galaxy S9+

Dual Fast Cameras on the Galaxy S9+

Speaking of the cameras, the Galaxy S9+ actually has three of them. Just like the iPhone X or the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung's big new Galaxy S9+ now has dual cameras on the back. 

This means the Galaxy S9+ is technically better than the Galaxy S9, but that's only because of the bigger screen, more RAM, and the dual cameras. 

If you're looking to get amazing photos the Galaxy S9+ is for you. It has a regular wide-angle lens and a 2x zoom lens for close-up photos. Then, those two cameras both have optical image stabilization, the variable aperture controls that change on the fly, they can shoot 960 FPS slow-motion, and more. 

The bigger Galaxy S9+ dual cameras also have some new Portrait mode features, along with real-time live bokeh filter effects. This last one is exclusive to the Galaxy S9+. 

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