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6 Reasons to Wait for the Pixel 4a & 4 Reasons Not To



Don't Wait If You Can't Wait Til April-May

Don't Wait If You Can't Wait Til April-May

If you need a phone right now, waiting for the Pixel 4a probably won't work for you. That's because we're almost certain the Pixel 4a won't arrive until April or early May of 2020, which is still 2+ months away. If you need a phone right now or earlier than that, consider a few other options. 

Google follows a specific release schedule, even though everyone in the industry thinks they'd have more success launching phones earlier than the end of October. Every year they get beat by Samsung, Apple, OnePlus, OnePlus again, Samsung again, and even LG. All of those brands release phones before Google's ever arrives. They're released the Pixel in October every year. 

So, we're fairly confident they'll follow the same schedule as this year and release the Pixel 4a in May to try and steal some sales from Samsung when people don't want to pay top-dollar for a phone. 

If you can't wait until May to get a phone consider the OnePlus 7T, Pixel 3a XL, or something else. Even Samsung's cheapest $1,000 Galaxy S20 is a great phone, it's just expensive. 

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