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6 Reasons to Wait for the Pixel 4a & 4 Reasons Not To



Wait For a Better 90Hz Display

Wait For a Better 90Hz Display

A lot of people buying budget phones simply expect the experience to be sub-par, or average at best.

Typically budget phones lack in a few main categories, and the biggest one is the display. Most cheap phones have terrible 720p or budget 1080p screens that simply don't look as good as more expensive phones. Mainly because the display is one of the most expensive components on a smartphone. 

Google did the complete opposite with the Pixel 3a. It didn't have a bad screen, slow internals or a terrible camera. Instead, they cut out things most average customers don't care about, and left the important things intact. 

The Pixel 3a didn't have water-resistance, wireless charging, or a premium metal and glass design. It did, however, have a great screen, solid cameras and great performance. It's the opposite of what you usually expect from a budget phone, and it's a winning combination we expect them to continue next year. 

And while we don't know if Google will manage to put the same 90Hz display in the affordable Pixel 4a, we think they will, which will make it a very compelling phone for potential customers. Plus, now that leaks confirmed an edge-to-edge screen with no bezels and a cut-hole for the camera, this phone is looking very tempting. 

So far, we know it'll have a 5.8-inch 1080p full HD display that goes from edge-to-edge. Instead of a notch, there's a small circle cutout in the screen for the front camera, as you can see in our image above. We're unsure if it'll be 90Hz or not.

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