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WatchOS 2 Release Date Breakdown




The WatchOS 2 release date arrives later this month, delivering new watch faces, native apps and other important upgrades to the Apple Watch. You don’t need to buy a new Apple Watch to get the new features, but there is a new Gold Apple Watch Sport if you need a fresh look.

With the confirmation of the WatchOS 2 release date we know when you will be able to use the new WatchOS 2 features that will allow you to do more with your current Apple Watch.

The Apple WatchOS 2 update is free for all Apple Watch users. Apple announced WatchOS 2 at WWDC 2015 in June, and some users spent the last several months testing the upgrade.

The WatchOS 2 release date is confirmed and the WatchOS 2 release time is easy to predict.

The WatchOS 2 release date is confirmed and the WatchOS 2 release time is easy to predict.

We see a ton of new WatchOS 2 features that should improve the overall performance and usability of the Apple Watch. The native Apple Watch apps can now do more with sensors on the Apple Watch.

While you might hope for the WatchOS 2 release date today, you need to wait a little longer. Here is the important information about the WatchOS 2 release date.

WatchOS 2 Release Date

The Apple WatchOS 2 release date is September 16th. We expect to see Apple Watch app updates in the coming days and weeks as developers roll out support for these new features.

This WatchOS 2 release date arrives the same day on all Apple Watch models, from Sport to Edition. You will need your Apple Watch charger and the Apple Watch app on your iPhone to upgrade from Watch OS 1.0.1 to WatchOS 2.

WatchOS 2 Release Time

Apple did not confirm the WatchOS 2 release time, but the company typically pushes new software updates out at 10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern.

The odds are good that the WatchOS 2 release time will match the iOS 9 release time as the two updates go hand in hand.

You should not wait up late until midnight as Apple does not typically deliver software updates in the middle of the night.

WatchOS 2 App Updates

Count on new Watch OS 2 native Apple Watch apps.

Count on new Watch OS 2 native Apple Watch apps.

With WatchOS 2 developers can now make native apps that can perform better, access sensors on the device and even use the Taptic Engine and Digital Crown for controls.

With a WatchOS 2 beta coming to a close, developers have been able to work on apps for several months, which means you likely won’t have to wait very long after the WatchOS 2 release date for new apps.

Watch OS Downgrade

It is unlikely that there will be an easy WatchOS 2 downgrade to WatchOS 1 or WatchOS 1.0.1. Users who are on the WatchOS 2 beta could not simply downgrade like Apple normally allows for iOS updates for a short period.

It may be a good idea to wait for the WatchOS 2 reviews before you upgrade.

WatchOS 2 Features

Apple includes a number of new WatchOS 2 features with this update. Some of the biggest new WatchOS 2 features are;

  • New Apple Watch Faces – including the ability to use your own photos.
  • Native Apple Watch Apps – better performance, new sensor support and more.
  • Better Siri – ask Siri to do much more like start a workout or check glances.
  • More Apple Pay Support – use store cards and rewards cards.
  • Transit Info – get Transit directions on your Apple Watch.
  • Better Apple Watch Sketches – Add more colors to your Apple Watch sketches.
  • More Apple Watch Friends – Now you can add multiple screens to hold more than 12 friends.
  • Reply to Email – Reply to email on your watch and dictate a response.
  • Nightstand Mode – When charging at night you’ll see alarms and an easy to read time.
  • Time Travel – Scroll forward in time with the Digital Crown to see what you have going on in the future.
  • New Apple Watch Complications – Use third-party Apple Watch complications to see what you want on your Apple Watch face.
  • Activation Lock – secure your Apple Watch with WatchOS 2.

All of these new Apple WatchOS 2 features come to all models.

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