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Wemo Smart Dimmer Now Compatible with Apple Home & Siri



Wemo users can start using Siri to control the Wemo WiFi Smart Dimmer thanks to a free update that starts rolling out today.

Once the update is installed, users will be able to add Wemo Smart Dimmers to the Home app on their iPhone or iPad.

This allows users to control the switches with their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and HomePod. You can also add it to routines and to groups to automate your smart home.

The free update also adds the Wemo Mini Smart Plugs to the Home App so you can control lamps or a Christmas tree with your voice.

The Wemo Smart Dimmer Will now work with Siri and the Home app.

“More than 1.5 million Wemo Mini and Dimmers are in the hands of consumers and people can now leverage this software update for use with the Wemo devices they already own,” said Justin Doucette, senior director of product management for Wemo. “Our mission is to make the smart home experience simple, approachable and fun to use. With this new integration we aim to continue providing easy solutions to everyday tasks and add value through on-going software updates.”

When you install a Wemo Smart Dimmer switch, you can control all the lights that switch controls without buying several smart lights. It’s very practical for controlling all your kitchen lights without buying five expensive bulbs.

With Wemo and the Home app on your iPhone and iPad you can;

  • Voice control Wemo with Siri from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod, Apple TV, and Mac.
  • Add Wemo to rooms in the Apple Home app and control multiple HomeKit compatible products at once.
  • Automate Wemo with scenes in the Apple Home app.
  • Use Scenes to turn Wemo Dimmer on/off or adjust light levels based on your location, time of day, or a command to Siri like “Movie Time”.
  • Remotely check if someone left the Wemo Dimmer lights on, and then adjust light levels, from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

The free update rolls out starting today. You’ll need to install the new Wemo app from the App Store before you can install the update to your Wemo WiFi Dimmer Switches and Mini.

Users will still need the Wemo Bridge to use other Wemo products in the Home app, but these two can now connect directly to the Home app and Siri.

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