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Which Galaxy Note 10 Color to Buy?



In this guide we’ll help you decide which Galaxy Note 10 color is best and which one to buy. Samsung’s new phones are big, powerful and bring a lot to the table, including a fun and beautiful new multi-color model. If you’re asking yourself, “which Galaxy Note 10 color should I buy?” These are your options and what you need to know.

Will you buy the Galaxy Note 10 in the sweet new Aura Glow, or opt for the standard Black or White variant? We didn’t get a ceramic model like the Galaxy S10, but you still have several great options to choose from.

Taste the Rainbow!

Quick Answer: Auro Glow is the clear winner here, as it’s like a chameleon and looks different every time you look at it. As you can see above, it’s simply stunning, to say the least.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Color Options

Keep in mind that while Samsung is only releasing a few colors right now, we’re expecting more in the coming weeks and months. Eventually, they’ll drop a few shades of blue, plus depending on the model you buy the colors are different. Like that Red and Auro Pink version of the smaller Note 10.

  • Galaxy Note 10+ comes in: Auro Glow, Aura Black, Aura White and Auro Blue.
  • Galaxy Note 10 comes in: Auro Glow, Auro Black, Auro Red and Auro Pink

Keep in mind that those fancy red, pink and blue options are for select regions, models, or exclusives, and not available from most carriers. Especially in the United States. The Auro Blue is a Best Buy exclusive.

Choosing Your Galaxy Note 10 Color

Personally, I choose black with every phone mainly because I’ll just use a case anyways. That said, I’ll be extremely tempted to get that Glow color.

  • Aura Glow – You just want the most beautiful Samsung Galaxy ever made. Depending on the angle and how the light hits it, you’ll see blue, gold, and other shades of blue, green, purple, yellow, red and more. It’s amazing. Buy it Now From Samsung
  • Aura Black – You’ll be watching a lot of movies, you don’t want to be flashy, and you love the all-black look.
  • Aura White – With the right light, you’ll actually see shades of rainbow, blue or reds reflecting from the glass. It’s elegant but more white than anything else.
  • Auro Red – This is as eye-catching as it is loud. You want to get lost in the color, while making a statement at the same time. Unfortunately, this isn’t coming to the US.
  • Auro Blue – If you’re looking for a unique, deep, vibrant color, Blue is for you. This looks like it’ll be a Best Buy exclusive in the US, and vary by region elsewhere.
  • Auro Pink – You want a bright, vivid and crisp color that stands out from the pack. This looks like no Galaxy we’ve ever seen. In certain light and angles, it looks extremely unique. You probably won’t use a case.

Final Thoughts

Basically, choose whatever color looks the best to you. We’re very excited about the Auro Glow, and are fairly confident that if any model or color of the Galaxy Note 10 sells out, or runs out of stock, it’ll be this one. Keep in mind that if you want the 512GB model, you’ll only be able to get Black, which is unfortunate.

Glow is like a chameleon of different colors and changes like the rainbow as light bounces off the premium metal and curved glass design. We had a feeling it was coming, and love the end result. After seeing beautiful and fun colors from Google, Huawei and others, we’re glad Samsung is getting more creative.

This year, the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are available in several beautiful finishes around the globe. Choose one depending on if you’ll cover it with a case, and enjoy all that it has to offer. Get your Galaxy Note 10 today from Samsung, or carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint.

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1 Comment

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