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Zagg Mobile Charging Station: Charge Apple Watch & iPhone On the Go



The Zagg Mobile Charging Station is a portable battery pack that can charge your Apple Watch and iPhone on the go and double as a convenient charging dock in your office or hotel so you are never without power.

A flip-up slot holds your Apple Watch charger and a built-in Lightning cable charges your iPhone without the need to use a case.

When you are on the go, a built-in 5,000 mAh battery charges your iPhone and Apple Watch. When you get to your destination plug one cable into the wall and you can use the Zagg Mobile Charging Station to charge your Apple Watch and your iPhone.

Zagg Mobile Charging Station - 3

Zagg announced this mobile charger at CES 2016 in addition to wearable wireless earbuds and a social camera.

This portable battery pack charges with Micro USB, and will charge your devices before charging the internal battery so that your gear is ready to go even with short charging times at an outlet.

When at work or a hotel the small base station keeps your devices charged in a stylish manner. When you need to go carry the case and battery with you. Flip up the Appel Watch charger on the go if you need extra juice or grab the Lightning cable for your iPhone.

The Zagg Mobile Charger is $79.99 and available later this year. You will need your own Apple Watch charger, but it includes a built-in Lightning cable to charge the iPhone or iPad.

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