How To Fix No Sound in iPad Apps

The iPad has an interesting mute quirk, which can result in no sound coming from certain apps over your iPad speaker, even though volume is turned up and you can hear the sound with headphones.

This Soft Mute “feature” mutes app music and sounds, but not the audio from Hulu or Netflix, which makes it difficult to diagnose, especially since your headphones still work, but thankfully it is easy to fix.

Soft Mute iPad
Why you have no App sounds on the iPad

In order to fix this, you need to follow the instructions below

  • Double tap the home button
  • Swipe from left to right
  • Tap the speaker icon to the far left
  • It should show “Mute Off” below the play button
  • Listen to app sound once again

This should fix your selectively silent iPad.


  1. Thank you very much for the tips. I almost wanna go to the Apple store to get their help, your tips was such a relieve to me, thanks again

  2. thank you!!! after resetting, restoring, re-booting, I finally found your thread! thought I was going to have to get a new ipad!!

    • Nice..even i was wondering where speaker button has gone.thanks for letting me know hoe to get it.Josh it worked superawesome tks :)

  3. After hours of hair pulling I discovered you must have the hard button orientation lock in settings ON to see the soft mute button onscreen

    Otherwise you see the orientation lock button onscreen in the lower left

    • I had the same problem great to have found this thread.. Especially the tips and responses like the orientation lock under general settings was set to mute had to change it and then i was able to view the sound icon after double tapping the home button..

    • Thanks Dlee – you provided the final solution to a very annoying problem. What did we do before Google!

    • Your solution about sliding the horizontal button turned on my iPad3 apps to play thru my speakers and not jut my earbuds. Thanks!

    • Thank you so much…to both you and Josh. I have never been a “tech” person. I leave that for my kids. But I’m learning to not be so intimidated by all of this. I have just started adding apps to our IPAD and was continually frustrated by this problem of no sound. Thanks to both of you and your advice, everything is working fine now. I agree with all the others’ comments-how amazing that a short 5-second fix was all we needed! Thank you again!

    • Leena india 12/21/2012 at 6:52 pm
      Nice..even i was wondering where speaker button has gone.thanks for letting me know hoe to get it.Josh it worked superawesome tks :)


    • Thank you for this info. I was having issues with my apps no sound, but movies & music played fine. Did not know about “hard button orientation” so none of it worked until this last comment. Although my “mute” was not “on”, toggling it off & on seemed to do the trick! Saved me a 45 drive to Apple store.

  4. Thank you. I have been going crazy trying to get the apps sound back and you are the ONLY who made suggested this suggestion. IT WORKED!!! Thank you

  5. Thanks so much. It’s not often that I can get good, accurate, and quick service that actually works. Once I rebooted after following your instructions, my iPad responded perfectly. Thanks again.

  6. Yeaaahhh thanx didnt think about that my 18 month old had it and then no sound i was worried he broke something :)

  7. You are absolutely brilliant!! No other resource on the web forums gave workable advice. I followed your directions and it worked like a charm immediately. The solution was not intuitive. Thanks!!

  8. Thank you so much, I bought my iPad off of Ebay and was thinking I got a bad deal…You saved me so much trouble I greatly appreciate it.

  9. [email protected]

    Brilliant!!! I hate when things bug me for so long and the solution is so simple.

  10. My iPad frequently goes soundless.  No apparent reason.  I power down and then power back up and it is fixed.  It’s tiresome, but it works.  The problem is Apple.  They need to fix this.  THey know about it, but ignore it.

    They should come clean and admit the problem and give us a fix

  11. hey, i used your advice and the sound came back, however it continuously goes mute, and doesnt let me adjust the sound without earphones again and again.
    any tips would help please??

    • I cannot adjust the sound without the earplugs plugged in. When the earplugs are not plugged in, there is no slider to adjust the sound. This just started happening and it makes no difference whether the sound is muted or not. Is there any way to fix this?

      Thanks in advance.

  12. Thanx very much, i have. Read a hundred ideas, but you were the only one to explain so clear, my apps has sound again, and also i discoverd how to continue hearing music from you tube while navigating through other apss and safary.

  13. Thanks for your informative help. I was so frustrated and was ready to redo a complete restore again with i tune. Thanks again. You have been a great help

  14. Hi. My iPhone 4 is having the same problem but the mute button doesn’t appear there. Any suggestions. Cheers r

  15. My Video App’s sound was cutting out after a minute or less and sliding the progress bar back would fix it for a few seconds. This Fix worked like a charm. You are my hero!

  16. Thank you. This was driving me nuts! I have nine machines I’ve been using for iPad classes and two of them were muted. Such a simple thing.


  17. I called vodafone who referred me to Apple for this problem. Apple employees advised me to restore my iPad. I expected a simpler solution and you provided it. It is astonishing that Apple pay people who cannot solve such an easy problem. Thank you for saving so much hassle as I planned to send it back. Thank you. apple should give you a job training their staff

  18. Wow. Thanks! This is crazy stuff. I had to go into General Settings and change “Use Side Switch to:” from “Lock Rotation” to “Mute.” Why in the world would that make a difference? But the change seems to have worked. Yay!

  19. I don’t have a speaker icon only, sorry just found how to change it and yep,it was muted. Thank you so much. This was so easy to fix once I knew how.

  20. Thank you – it was so perplexing why the kids’ apps weren’t working yet my music was! Problem fixed, very grateful.

  21. Thank you so much! My 3 year old accidentally muted all of her educational apps and I could not figure out how to fix it for weeks! How she managed it I will never know, but I greatly appreciate you for knowing how to fixit.

  22. thanks very much my 8 year old changed something and i called apple and they told me they could help but it would cost 29.95 to fix you fixed it for free thank you thank you

  23. I had this problem and your advice really helped but now when I turn the volume down on the iPad it doesn’t change?? The volume stays the same even when the volume is completely down?? Please help!!!

  24. Still having trouble I did what u said but there’s no picture of a speaker. it has a circled arrow and it say when tapped on it portrait orientation locked or unlocked please help still no sound out of apps

  25. You said, “Double tap the home button” —– I have an iPad — but do not understand what the “home” button is.  I have a power “button,” audio “button” and a lock “button.” What am I missing??

  26. For those of you that do not see a speaker icon, simply go to the settings icon and the go down to the section where you will see rotation and probably mute. The mute is probably checked. Click on the rotation and the once again following the instructions on this site and you will now see the speaker icon with a slash on it. Click on it and try your app and it will work now

  27. Wow, thanks! My three year old changed something, he has a knack for changing the weirdest most obscure settings and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to fix them.

    Your solution worked the first time. Thanks again.

  28. Thank you. I wasn’t sure which button was “HOME”. And then I tried to swipe Left to Right on the screen rather than at the bottom with the icons.
    Third try, it worked. Many thanks.

  29. I looked at the settings, mute is checked but I still don’t show speaker…. Help I have the new ipad

    • Go to general and then click lock rotation and mute will uncheck and this will check and sound should work good luck

  30. Thank you! I was going crazy trying to figure out the lack of sound. I appreciate your assistance and clear instructions.

    • Don’t seem to have the mute icon although have found mute in settings and it is checked but am unable to uncheck…help!

  31. THANKS ALOT!!! I THOUGHT IT WAS BROKEN!!!!!!!!!! Mute was already checked, however, the rotation lock button appeared when I double-tapped the home button, so I check the ‘rotation lock’ & the mute button appeared. Apple must have made a mistake and switched them around, hopefully the next update will fix this issue!

  32. Thank you…it was such a mystery because some things had audio and some didn’t…the mute option solved the problem!!

  33. Hat off to you Josh. I was going through all the usual menu settings and no clear sign of why volume on games wasn’t working. Such a simple fix but not obvious since other apps worked with volume!

  34. Thank you!
    I’ve been up all night trying to figure this out and that was it!
    You saved me a night’s sleep and a nervous breakdown!

  35. TO CLARIFY WHAT Asa SAYS: If it’s only showing the ‘rotation lock’, go to SETTINGS and you will find it has a toggle for bottom swipe, either ‘rotation lock’ or MUTE. Change it so MUTE is checked instead. Then go back to the original instructions above!
    Double tap the home button,
    Swipe from left to right,
    Tap the speaker icon to the far left
    It should show “Mute Off” below the play button
    Listen to app sound once again

  36. Oh my goodness!!!!! You are an absolute lifesaver!!!!!!!! I have been fighting with my ipad for days on this. Somehow all of my kids programs were muted, but my video ones were fine. Of course this led to “mommy fix it” which led to “hubby fix it” which didn’t work. I would pay you if I could!

  37. Thank you so much, I was going crazy! My mute / rotation is switched too, would never have sussed it so I’m happy as larry now. You are all stars! X

  38. I have done this, even changed the options . Still I has no sound. There is no option to slide the volume up or down.

  39. I’m facing sound problem also. When I fix the sound, the screen can’t rotate. When I fixing the screen, the sound can’t work. Any idea how to set it got sound and the screen can rotate?

    • You need to turn the slide switch on. It is next to the volume buttons on the side of the iPad 2. Then follow the directions above.

      • I am new to apple os. I was also having sound issues, but got it figured out inside settings to get the sound icon to show up. Then the screen orientation was locked. I never noticed the small switch just above the volume buttons. Turned it on its side, bam, there it was. Now my volume AND screen are fixed. THANKS

  40. Thank you so much! My iPad is just out of warranty and this was something I have reset several times in settings and it never took. Do u have any ideas how many times I have reset this ipad back to factory settings? 6 times toooo many

  41. Thank you sir, This was so easy yet hard for us that have no clue how it was turned on in the first place, I had never seen that sound bar before.

  42. What happens in my case is that there is no slider for the sound in the controller. The slider grove is there but not the slider. Any ideas?

  43. I tried that. When I slide to the left I dont have a sound icon but rather a lock logo that I can select to lock it to portrait mode or not. Why is mine different?

        • Seconds after posting, I fixed the problem, which has been going on for over a month! It was the little lock slider button above the volume control on the side that I never use! This controls strictly the app sounds, I guess… when it is on, the on-screen volume indicator will continue to go up & down, but it is not referring to app sounds.

  44. Tried the fix for no sound. But when I slide to left I have an orientation lock button. Guess i am stuck with earphones?

  45. Heads up, if you look at the bar and only have the “orientation lock”, try going to Settings > General > then USE SIDE SWITCH TO: and change that to “Lock Rotation”.

    Then look at the bottom bar again and you should have the mute icon.

  46. WOW, mine had the orientation lock also, so I followed your instructions and I am a VERY HAPPY CAMPER!!! Thank You so very much. I was at my wits end, thinking my little Grandson had surely ruined my IPad for good! WHEW!!!!!:)

    • I got my iPad the problem no sound I tried everything but is not work and I seen something near the battery is got logo luck I don’t know a how to fix my I pad please help me I appreciate

  47. i did what you said but whenever i turned off the mute the rotation is on so i couldnt rotate then if i turn off the lock rotation then there is no sound! what to do???

  48. Thank You! Very! Much!
    I thought there is a problem with the hardware but you reinforced my confidence in the hardware of Apple!
    I Hope Apple is equally thankful to people like You!

  49. There is a small button on the right where the volume control is…switch that to where there is no red dot showing and your problem of “not rotating but has volume’ should be solved :)

  50. You were more helpful than my IPad help site! Thank you! My granddaughter will enjoy her children’s songs so much more with sound!

  51. […] How To Fix No Sound In iPad Apps – GottaBeMobile : Mobile …The iPad has an interesting mute quirk, which can result in no sound coming from certain apps over your iPad speaker, even though volume is turned up and you can hear the sound with headphones. This Soft Mute “feature” mutes app music and sounds, but not the audio from Hulu or Netflix, which … Read Here […]

  52. […] How To Fix No Sound In iPad Apps – GottaBeMobile : Mobile …The iPad has an interesting mute quirk, which can result in no sound coming from certain apps over your iPad speaker, even though volume is turned up and you can hear the sound with headphones. This Soft Mute “feature” mutes app music and sounds, but not the audio from Hulu or Netflix, which … Get Content Here […]

  53. This didn’t work at all, to start off, my iPad doesn’t even have the button on the picture shown, instead of a music note and sound button, I have a rotation sign and an iPod?

  54. Now that I have sound back on my apps it seems that I am stuck in the position where I have to put up with my rotation being turned off or my mute (as shown in your pic) being turned on. Up until today I was able to have rotation plus the sound on all my apps. Can you explain why this issomebody please.

  55. Now that I have sound back on my apps it seems that I am stuck in the position where I have to put up with my rotation being turned off or my mute (as shown in your pic) being turned on. Up until today I was able to have rotation plus the sound on all my apps. Can you explain why this issomebody please. So pleased to tell you that I just saw my answer a few posts back by azra and moved the little button above the volume button on the upper right side of the iPad and lo and behold I have my rotation back. What a performance! Thankyou all!

  56. It seems that if you go to settings on iPad you can swap the actions of the little switch located just above your volume control from controlling mute (on/off) to controlling rotation (on/off) and when you tick rotation off in general settings your little switch controls rotation and when you tick mute in settings your little switch controls mute. Hence the appearance of either symbol on the left of your music control when you swipe from left to right after double tapping your Home button. The symbol will indicate rotation if your little switch controls mute and the symbol will indicate speaker if the switch controls rotation. Therein lies the answer to all the puzzlement. It makes me laugh to think that even apple people couldn’t help some of you suffering the frustration of not knowing what was going on.

  57. Please update the instructions at the top to include info about changing the side lock switch in settings from “Lock Rotation” to “Mute”. Some of us don’t get the Mute icon, but get the Lock Rotation icon until this setting is changed!

  58. Thanks for the help. I was going crazy trying to fix the sounds on certain apps. It worked fine for music, but that was it. After reading and following your instructions listed here, every app sound is back to working the way it should be.

  59. Finally my iPad has sound! After I downloaded the new iOS software and lost all sound on apps. I have spent so much time on trying to figure why sound did not get downloaded. Apple/ iPad’ troubleshooting had no solutions until I found your website! Did not know I had this hidden feature. It would be great if apple would tell people about iPads hidden features
    Thanks a million!!!!

  60. I have been going crazy for months trying to figure out what was wrong. I came here and you helped me fix it in seconds. THANK YOU SO MUCH JOSH.


  61. Thank you – strange but true.
    If your Pad refuses to change orientation in certain apps this can be rectified by double-tapping the home button, closing all apps, and swiping left to right a couple of times. Also strange but true.

  62. Awesome iPad3 iOS 5.1.1 hint, also what a stupid and annoying little quirk. Boo on Apple for such a useless feature. Thanks a million mate!

  63. All this did not work for me. Here is what I did. I powered off completely by holding the standby button for about 5 seconds. The power off option came on and I powered off. Wait arbour 30 seconds, then power on again by holding the standby button for about 5 seconds, a broken apple sign comes up, wait a few seconds for your pin no request to come up and follow the instructions to power up again. My sound came back. It is just like rebooting your computer. Awesome. I hope this helps someone.

  64. Oh my goodness. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! This is the most ANNOYING problem I’ve had with my son’s iPad – he depends on his apps to communicate and learn at school – and now it’s FINALLY FIXED!! I’m bookmarking this solution for the future. Wonderful help!! THANKS AGAIN!!

  65. I can hear sound with music, Skype, you tube, etc, but am unable to record any sound eg with movies on my camera, and no sound being sent from me when I Skype?

  66. Guys if you’ve tried all this and still didn’t work, just turn your iPad on and off and voila, worked like magic 

  67. Jamie, THANK YOU SO MUCH !! Nothing was working for me ! Apple-people told me to restore, what I found stupidly heavy for one six-months old ipad3 ! I tried your advice and IT WORKS ! Jamie, thank you so much !

  68. I cannot Thank you enough . we tried everything. reboot,u name it.. almost gave up
    You made my 8 year old son happy.. Thank you so much…

  69. I don’t see a mute button where you say. I only see what looks like a rotation lock. I’m having the sound problem in my Facebook app, but I don’t have a soft mute button like you say I should.


  70. Thank you soooooo much, like the others I thought I was going mad, you deserve a Star. My twin grandaughters would have been very disappointed at not being able to hear their stories and songs.

  71. Seriously, I have been monkeying around with this for hours. Two seconds on your advice. Thank you so much!

  72. I have had this problem before and was able to fix it. Just how u say to with the mute button. It worked for a long time. Now only my music plays. I get no sound from apps or videos….. Ughhh now what

  73. Thanks a lot, save me trouble. This had been bothering me from past week. My kids must have some how mute it. Good job keep it up

  74. It is VERY IMPORTANT TO Note: you can change what the switch by your volume does with the settings described here. mine was muted and changed to the swtich. it is by defult for the mini, but thanks a ton! that’s why some apps had sound and some not

  75. I have the mute icon after double-tapping home but it is already unmuted. On the slidebar to the right of that menu it shows it down all the way. On the example shown at the top of this thread there is a volume icon beneath that slidebar. I don’t have that icon showing up on my menu. Any thoughts on how to fix that? Still no sound. :(

  76. Thank you SO much, I have reset my iPad SO many times, and dreaded taking it to the apple store, this worked and took only a min!!!!

  77. It stil isn’t working I reset my iPad to its factory contusions and still no sound I checked the lock but still nothing. I can only hear the riggtone and the audio on FaceTime but everything e
    We has no sound plz help

  78. Well, this is interesting. When I follow the steps above, I don’t see a Speaker icon on the far left. I see a “lock orientation” button. My iPad looks exactly like the picture above except for that one difference. I can’t find a speaker icon anywhere. I wonder what that’s all about. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks.

  79. Do the above I get no mute button it is lock rotation, just update apple software late week now it quiet, I called apple an in about 5 seconds the tech said it is a software problem you can buy a 1 year $99, 2 year $169 or 3 year $249 fun in about 5 second he know ????

  80. Sounds like you know your stuff but I have opposite problem: keyboard and internal sounds work but Hulu and Netflix apps don’t…ever run across this one?

  81. Thank you!!! I thought I was going to have to take my iPad into the store for repairs & worried about the cost. The fix was so easy!

  82. I have tried everything from cleaning port w/toothbrush to restarting My ipad as a new one. Nothing works. When I restart it by pressing the home button and side button. The apple logo appears and the sound bar restores for about 15 seconds then it disappears. The sound works with earphones and wireless speaker, but that’s it.

  83. Thanks! It is a simple problem which make me do a reset etc and you offer us a easy solution which most of us did’t know at all.

  84. I had the problem described above”; no sound or slider button when no plug is in the sound-out socket but everything OK when headphones are connected. As a desperate last resort I used an aerosol air ‘brush’ in both the charger socket and the sound socket and, hey presto, it’s working again. Clearly, it must be possible to have a short across some contacts in the charger socket or maybe something preventing a restoration of speaker contacts after the headphone plus is withdrawn. The bottom line is to keep all sockets clean from fluff or possibly grit or dust.

  85. I had very low volume when using Music and Netflix. The solution was to go to Settimgs -> Music -> Volume limit and move the slider for Max volume.

  86. thanks man it really helped just found that sound option in settings general then mute then do the above fixed the problem

  87. Worked. Thanks! But now my orientation is locked. Is it possible to unlock it AND have the sound work at the same time?

  88. This fix doesn’t work for iOS 7. I have my iPad mini set to lock screen with side button. When I look at the control centre sound not locked. I have had sound with Skype & safari, not Facebook!! What gives?

  89. OMG … I had been trying for quite some time to figure this out. My special needs son was getting worked up now knowing what was taking me so long to fix it. You saved the say! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  90. Help – we have selective mute on a iPod Touch 5th generation – sound works except on vine and snap chat – but can hear those with headphones. This is my daughter’s Christmas present :(

  91. Brilliant thanks this was really annoying me after my children got hold of the ipad and silenced it during their games, took me ages to find your advice, thanks so much

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