8 Best Galaxy S8 Screen Protectors

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has a big and beautiful 5.8-inch Infinity display with curved glass on both sides of the screen. For the first time ever neither phone has a flat screen. As a result most will want complete protection. With that in mind, below we’ve round up the best Galaxy S8 screen protectors.

One question we keep getting is regarding the fancy new 5.8-inch screen on the S8, and if users can add a screen protector. More importantly, a tempered glass screen protectors instead of cheap film covers. Don’t worry though, the answer is yes. Screen protectors work, and there are tons to choose from so owners have it ready the day their Galaxy S8 arrives.

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We’ve already detailed some awesome cases to keep your phone looking new, and highlighted all of Samsung’s official Galaxy S8 accessories. However, the most important thing for users will be the screen. Keep your phone looking new by choosing one of the many outlined below.

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ will officially be released on April 21st in stores and online. Meaning future owners and potential buyers have a few weeks to stock up on accessories. And while we’d recommend a case and a few extra USB Type-C cables, screen protection is by far the best accessory one can buy.

Out of the box your S8 will be extremely durable. Samsung is using strong shatterproof and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and the back. Then, it’s water resistant with an IP68 rating. Additionally the screen now has rounded edges instead of sharp corners. This isn’t just for looks, it actually adds durability and more surface area to prevent damage if dropped. However, screens will still get damaged and protection is recommended.

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Whether it’s from keys in a purse and pocket, drops or other incidents, screens break and scratch. Thankfully this is one of the most popular smartphones on the planet, and all mainstream brands are offering accessories. Below is a collection of the best Galaxy S8 screen protectors from brands we know, use and trust. Some are typical “HD film” covers that fit the curve perfect. Then, the rest are durable real glass just like what comes on the phone.

Popular brands like Spigen, SuperShieldz, Moshi and others have protection worth buying. Additionally, expect top quality screen protectors from Zagg, Tech21 and many other 3rd party manufacturers. Without further delay, keep your Galaxy S8 safe and new with any of the great options in our slideshow below.

Moshi Ion Glass for Galaxy S8

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Moshi Ion Glass for Galaxy S8

First up is a real glass screen protector from a highly trusted name in smartphone accessories. The Moshi IonGlass for Galaxy S8. Moshi makes some awesome stuff, and already has options for Samsung owners in 2017. 

The Moshi IonGlass is made using the same 9H hardness rated tempered and strengthened glass as the phone itself. The company cuts it right from a curved piece of glass for precise coverage, and it's color-matched with black accents on the top and bottom. As a result it will blend right in with the small bezels on the Galaxy S8, and look completely invisible. Almost as strong as steel, and even a knife can't scratch this glass. 

Throw it on your Galaxy S8 and if for any reason you ever get damage or scratches, take it off and the phone will look brand new underneath. Moshi uses an extra coating to prevent fingerprints, uses 99.9% clarity glass, and claims their IonGlass is 40% thinner than most protectors on the market. This is our first choice. 

Buy it Soon fro Moshi for $39.99

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