Clash of Clans Update Problems & Fixes

In mid October a huge Clash of Clans update arrived with tons of changes and new content. It’s one of the best updates of 2016, but it’s also causing problems for many gamers. Here we’ll be going over some of the October Clash of Clans update problems and some potential fixes.

This weeks changed toned down the Bowler and Miner. It also delivered an entire new way to brew and save army compositions, added more walls and even a new defensive Bomb Tower troop. Here we’ll be going over things you didn’t expect from the new release.

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One of the best aspects of this update are the new “special offers” or Town Hall packs players can buy. The Bomb Tower, Gold, Elixir and Gems for $9.99 is an excellent value. However, they’re also causing some of the biggest Clash of Clans problems for players.


Heading to the official Supercell Clash of Clans forum users will notice its full of new reports, bugs or issues from the past few days. This is because the October update is causing a lot of problems. This is typical with any big release, and we can expect a few small bug fixing upgrades in the next few days, or this weekend.

With that out of the way, here’s what we are hearing is broken right now and what Supercell has acknowledged or plan to do about it. We won’t be talking about complaints of the new army training system, the secret nerf to the Miner, or changes that users aren’t happy about. This is related to actual issues inside the game.

Special Offers Not Being Delivered

A neat aspect of the October update is something that’s been extremely successful in their other hit game Clash Royale. The team at Supercell has added “Special Offers” or special packs players can buy.

The only problem is users are spending real money, and not getting what was promised. This is a huge issue, and we’re not sure how Supercell will fix it.


The offer above is $9.99 and gets you 1200 Gems. That’s how much 1200 gems costs on any given day. However, this special pack rewards those who buy it a decent chunk of gold and a level 2 Bomb Tower completely free. The Bomb Tower is 2 million gold, and 3.5 million to upgrade. So you’re getting a lot for free by spending $10.

Countless users on the forum and all over Twitter have confirmed the reward didn’t come through. Only gems were received. No Gold or Bomb Tower. Some bought the $20 pack for 15 million gold and didn’t get anything. That’s not good. Supercell is investigating the issue and will offer a fix as soon as possible. Most likely those who bought it will have to contact Supercell with the in-game controls and request a refund or some other steps. We’ll update when we know more.

Device Is Not Compatible for Update

We’re seeing an unusually high amount of complaints that users are unable to update to the latest version of Clash of Clans. This has happened before, where devices were not compatible. More details on how to fix that can be found below.

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The biggest set of complaints is the game simply won’t start after the update, or users aren’t able to accept and download it at all. Especially in Canada. This is mainly happening on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.


Supercell is aware of this too, but haven’t offered a solution. Our suggestion to players would be to reboot your smartphone or tablet and try to download and update again. If that doesn’t work clear the app cache in Settings > Apps > All > Clear Cache for Android. iOS users won’t be able to do the same.

On iOS, try uninstalling Clash of Clans and reinstalling it. Then just sign into Game Center and restore your entire village back to your device and Apple ID account. Make sure it’s saved and can be restored first, otherwise you could potentially lose everything. That would be awful. More details for transferring accounts can be found here.

Not Enough Eligible Members

This new version of Clash also has a new feature called Friendly Clan Challenge or Friendly Clan Wars. It’s a neat idea, but it isn’t working for a lot of people. You’re able to start a friendly war with 5v5, 10v10 and so on, in increments of 5.

Most players are getting an error that states “Not Enough Eligible Members” and the war won’t start. Make sure none have been in an active war within the past 24 hours, and make sure each clan has more than 5-10 eligible players. Some are saying it works as of this morning, while others are still having problems.

Supercell added this to the bug tracker, but currently has no fix. However, expect an update within the next few days to solve this problem, if not done behind the scenes automatically.

Can’t Build Two Troops at the Same Time

The entire interface for brewing troops and spells or creating an army has been changed. Now we can hit “retrain” to use the same army as previous battles, instead of tapping 20 times to make troops like before. There’s also 3 pre-sets to make specific attack styles for any situation.

If you’re in the Train Army area and see that only one troop at a time is being made, rather than 4 at a time like before, it’s not a problem. This is the new method, so get used to it. Many aren’t enjoying the change, but overall creation times have severely decreased. It might seem like it takes longer, but most full armies are done 1/3 faster than ever before. This isn’t a problem, although we could see changes in the near future.

Game Crashes

After the update a lot of users are experiencing crashes. The game works fine for most things, but the minute you try to find or start a battle the game crashes or closes. This is happening for a lot of people. Sadly there is no fix available yet. Again, likely a small bug they’ll fix in a future update.

If you can’t play at all right now we’d suggest reinstalling the game or try clearing the cache in the Android application manager through settings. Use caution, make sure the game and your account is backed up and synced to Google Play Games, then try updating or downloading it again.

Won’t Work with Galaxy S5 (and others)

There seems to be a problem with the Galaxy S5 update to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and the latest version of Clash Royale, that ruins the game. Graphics go from a crisp 1080p HD resolution to 480p and everything is blurry.

This is a known problem, but a very odd workaround for a fix. Users need to download Samsung’s Game Tuner app, and probably Game Services (Game Mode) to fix the problem in settings. Change graphics to max, and 60 fps. Something is messing with the graphics, likely because some improved APIs were added in this most recent update by Supercell. More details can be found here.

Banned After Update

Were you banned from Clash of Clans and after the update can’t play the game? If so, you were probably cheating, or using some mods or illegal software. There’s a tool built-in that detect these applications and changes on smartphones and tablets. If detected you’ll instantly be banned permanently from the game.

Supercell has warned cheaters time and time again. This time all bans are permanent. Sorry, but I’m not sorry. If you were banned by mistake, contact Supercell for further help and instructions.

Other Details

That’s about it so far. The biggest problems appear to be special offers not coming through right, and users in select regions or on iOS devices being unable to download the update. We’ll add more details as soon as Supercell releases a bug fixing update or explains things. Not to mention add more problems, bugs or fixes as they become available.

If you can, download the latest Clash of Clans October update today and enjoy all the new content. Drop us a comment below if you’re experiencing any other issues.