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14 New macOS Mojave Features That Will Change How You Use Your Mac



macOS Mojave Finder Upgrades

macOS Mojave Finder Upgrades

The macOS Mojave Finder is all new with an array of features and options that will make it easier to manage your files without opening other apps. 

Starting with the new Gallery View, you can easily see pictures or videos in Finder and browse through them. This lets you visually sort through all of your files and you can use the new Preview Pane to see more metadata about the media you are looking at. 

Quick Actions let you quickly change files. One example is making a PDF password protected right from inside Finder. You can also run Automator Actions on files. 

The upgraded Quick Look feature allows you ro see a full preview of a file and then edit it immediately. You can rotate or crop images, trim audio and video files and more. 

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