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3 Reasons Not to Install Nexus 5X Android 8.1 & 5 Reasons You Should



Install for the New Cheeseburger Emoji

Install for the New Cheeseburger Emoji

One of the best reasons (in our humble opinions) to download the Android 8.1 right now is for the new cheeseburger emoji.

Earlier this year, Google released a nice batch of new emoji characters for the Nexus 5X's keyboard. They look 1000 times better than the previous versions and one character stood out. Unfortunately, it stood out for the wrong reasons. 

Google's cheeseburger emoji on Android 8.0 (you can see it in the bottom left of the photo here) features a piece of cheese below the patty. Maybe you eat your cheeseburgers that way, but most people don't. 

Fortunately, Google decided to fix the oversight in Android 8.1. The cheeseburger emoji now has the cheese in the right place which is right on top of the patty. 

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