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4 Reasons Not to Pre-Order Destiny 2 & 4 Reasons You Should

All gamers shouldn’t place Destiny 2 pre-orders. That’s despite Destiny 2 having a PC version and lots of other features that gamers have requested in forums topics and messages since 2014.

Destiny 2 is stacked with things to lure in gamers. The title has an updated Crucible multiplayer experience and lots of new places around the solar system to explore. New classes let gamers create a Guardian character that’s suited to their play style. We’ve gotten small glimpses of its tighter narrative in trailers and videos.

Even its launch line-up is better than the original game. The first Destiny never expanded beyond video game consoles. The Destiny 2 release date is September 6th on Xbox One and PS4. Destiny 2 for PC launches on October 24th. Now PC gamers can play.

Everyone enjoys buying something that excites them. The collectible items available in some Destiny 2 bundles are exciting. These items won’t be easy to find if you don’t pre-order.

On the other hand, gamers that pre-order could regret it. We don’t know how the game will work on every console it launches on. Bungie and Activision have not said what gamers get when they purchase the season pass either. That season pass is included in the bundles available for pre-order.

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Don’t buy this game early on a whim. We’ve broken down the reasons gamers should place Destiny 2 pre-orders or wait to buy until release. Use these reasons to decide if pre-ordering the game is a good idea for you.

Pre-Order to Get Access to the Destiny 2 Beta

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Pre-Order to Get Access to the Destiny 2 Beta

Gamers that place a Destiny 2 pre-order won't spend hours downloading the files they need for the Destiny 2 Beta. They’ll get time with the game before it's opened to the public. 

PS4 gamers that pre-order get beta access on July 18th. Xbox One owners that buy early can try the Destiny 2 Beta on July 19th. Windows PC users can expect the Destiny 2 Beta to launch this August.

The Destiny 2 Beta opens to everyone on July 21st. Open betas come with hiccups. Gamers create long loading times by trying to play at the same time. It also takes a long time to download the necessary files since everyone else is trying to download them too.

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Retail store receipts for the game come with a beta unlock code printed on them. The Xbox Store and PlayStation Store unlock the beta automatically.

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