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Destiny 2 Release Date, Features & Details

After keeping quiet for years, Bungie has started to share details of the Destiny 2 release. That’s right, Destiny, one of the most popular role-playing games available on Xbox One and PS4, is getting a sequel in 2017.

Destiny is an online role-playing game that lets players make their own Guardian. These Guardians spend their time trying to uncover the secrets behind the near total destruction of Earth. There are always new character improvements and power-ups to earn. Players can still experience all that the original game has to offer with Destiny The Collection.

Bungie promises major upgrades for Destiny 2. Expect revamped worlds throughout the game’s solar system and new planets. There are major updates to the game’s single-player and multiplayer experience.

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Destiny 2 Release Date

The Destiny 2 release date is September 8th. On that day, Xbox One and PS4 gamers will get to take home and play their copies of the online role-playing game. September 8th is also the release date for the PC version of Destiny 2. The original Destiny game never came to PC.

Destin 2 Gameplay

At its core, Destiny 2 is the same style of game as the original. It is still an online shooter that focuses on character progression and science fiction themes. Players create a Guardian that they can customize with loot and gear that they earn from completing activities.

The game does have a bigger focus on cinematic storytelling. Actors Lance Reddick and Nathan Fillion star in the new single-player experience. Dismayed by the Traveler’s decision to give humanity powers, the Red Legion and its leader set their sights on humanity’s last safe haven. Bungie says that the story is about sacrifice and redemption. Players lose everything that made them a powerful Guardian in the first game. They’ll need to earn it all back and mount a resistance to the Red Legion.

There are some big gameplay updates in Destiny 2. Crucible multiplayer only features 4 vs 4 combat. The game has support for Clans, meaning gamers can create communities filled with players they enjoy going through the game’s missions with. Destiny 2 also has a completely updated solar system for players to navigate. Going from planet to planet won’t require going into a planet’s orbit before going to a new location.

Early Destiny 2 DLC on PS4

Destiny has long enjoyed a special relationship with the PS4. The game’s expansions arrived on PS4 consoles before they did on Xbox One. PS4 gamers also received access to exclusive content.

Some Destiny 2 release date details revealed recently confirm that this special relationship will continue. PS4 players will get exclusive access to some downloadable content, Sony says. This content could be extra missions or gear. Both kinds of content were given to PS4 players early with the first Destiny.

Destiny 2 Consoles & PC Details

New Destiny 2 release date details confirm that the Xbox One and PS4 will get the new game. Anyone buying on PC will need Blizzard’s Battle.net software installed to play the game. Battle.net will also supply any updates that happen after the game’s release. Despite what some hoped, Destiny 2 is not coming to Steam.

At the May 18th reveal event, Bungie did confirm that Destiny 2 would be playable for attendees on the PS4 Pro, hinting at upgraded visuals for Sony’s most expensive video game console. We don’t yet know if Destiny 2 will have visual upgrades for Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio console. Games updated for PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio look better on 4K monitors and TVs.

Destiny 2 Beta

The Destiny 2 Beta is confirmed for some time between now and September 8th. To participate, gamers will need to have purchased a copy of Destiny 2. Pre-orders can come from a store or digital storefront.

Retailers will print the Destiny 2 Beta code on their receipts. These codes will unlock the beta on whatever system the pre-order was for. For example, Xbox One users will get access to the beta on Xbox One. The same thing goes for PS4 and PC buyers. Gamers that purchased in a store can redeem their code at Bungie.net now.

Anyone that has pre-ordered a digital copy of Destiny 2 doesn’t need to redeem a code. The Xbox Store, PlayStation Store and Battle.net will unlock their downloads for them.

Will Destiny Characters Transfer to Destiny 2?

Guardians won’t completely transfer to Destiny 2.

Bungie developers and executives made it clear in their May 28th reveal of Destiny 2 that they see the game as the start of something completely new and different. In saying this, the company doubled-down on a position it took before it revealed the Destiny 2 release date. Some gear won’t transfer to Destiny 2.

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Characters will transfer over, complete with their cosmetic changes. This includes their class, race, gender, face and hair. Markings for reaching Level 20 and finishing the Black Garden mission will transfer too. Players will get new Honors to acknowledge their deeds from the first game.

Guardian powers, possessions, Eververse items and currency will not make their way to the new game. Losing the items does fit in with the game’s theme. Due to events in the story, players will lose their powers too.

The Destiny 2 release is one of 2017’s most exciting game launches. Destiny 2 pre-orders are already available at most retailers ahead of release.

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