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3 Reasons to Buy Fallout 76 & 7 Reasons to Wait



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Wait for Potential Cross-Play

Wait for Potential Cross-Play

Sony frustrated fans by initially blocking cross-platform play on Fortnite, but the company has since relented paving the way for potential cross-play with other games. 

Earlier this year Todd Howard said cross-play on Fallout 76 isn't possible right now because Sony's "not as helpful as everyone would like it.”

If you recall, Bethesda and Sony have a long history. The developer had issues launching Fallout 4 mods on Sony and while they eventually came to the PlayStation 4, they're far more limited than mods on Xbox One and PC. 

Sony apparently got the message because its enabled cross-play in Fortnite. That doesn't mean it's coming to Fallout 76 though.

Pete Hines says "Fallout 76 does not support crossplay, for a number of reasons" and that he has "no idea if it ever will." He also says that it's not on the company's radar right now as it focuses on the game's and upcoming launch.

Cross-play would allow all Fallout 76 gamers, regardless of platform, to inhabit the same world. 

We could see the company reverse course, but if cross-console play is important to you and could determine how much time you invest in Fallout 76, you might want to hold out and see if Sony and Bethesda are able to work something out.   

10 / 10
1 Comment

1 Comment

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