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4 Reasons Not to Install Galaxy S9 Pie & 11 Reasons You Should



Don't Install If You're Traveling

Don't Install If You're Traveling

If you're preparing to travel or if you're currently on a trip, you might want to avoid installing Android Pie until you're back home. 

Over the years we've spoken to travelers who wind up with a broken phone or a busted app/service because they installed a new operating system. 

If you're on an important business trip or traveling in a city/country for the first time, having a functioning phone on hand is extremely important. 

If you're out of your comfort zone, it's probably a good idea to wait to do the Android Pie upgrade until you're  back at home base. That might be the hotel, but for many of you it's going to be at your house. 

There's no reason to jeopardize a fun trip with family or an important business meeting with a software upgrade. The Android Pie update isn't going anywhere.



  1. Fahad

    02/12/2019 at 3:37 am


  2. Zeno Marin

    02/17/2019 at 2:44 pm

    “Like Adaptive Battery, Adaptive Brightness uses AI to learn your habits. And like its name suggests, it’s focused on the brightness of your display.” And this comes with a horendous bug/issue! Instead of going straight to the required brightnes, according to the surrounding, the screen goes completly dim. Terrible! You have to manually compensate for this idiotic AI feature! This is a known issue and you are presenting it as an “advantage” and an achievement?…

    UI – completly broken. A lot of themes no longer work, especially dark ones and overall thte default icons are terrible. There are also some removed features – the enahce audio during call has been removed for instance.

    And the most nagging issue – one in three times I am requested to unlock my phone by using the pattern instead of the fingerprint unlock.

    Shame on SAMSUNG for such catastrophic testing and shame on the development team who released this junk and ruined my experience by turning an almost perfect phone into an aggravating piece of junk!

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