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4 Reasons Not to Pre-Order Xbox One X & 3 Reasons You Should



Wait if You Hate Dealing With Problems

Wait if You Hate Dealing With Problems

If you can't stand dealing with console growing pains and problems, you might want to give Microsoft and its developers some additional time. 

We don't expect the Xbox One X launch to be as messy as the original Xbox One launch was back in 2013 but there will be issues. 

Some of those problems will likely be hardware related. Hardware issues almost always emerge after a new console is released to the public. 

Some issues will be related to the software. Developers will be issuing 4K compatibility updates and we could see some hiccups out of the gate. 

If you're perfectly fine with the console you have and $500 seems steep, you might wait for Xbox One X reviews and long-term feedback about the platform (hardware/software) to emerge before you fully commit to buying a new console. 



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