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4 Reasons Not to Pre-Order Xbox One X & 3 Reasons You Should



Wait for Demos & to Go Hands-on

Wait for Demos & to Go Hands-on

While you can always cancel an Xbox One X pre-order, some of you might not want to hold off.

If you aren't completely sold on what Microsoft's selling, and you weren't able to attend E3 2017, you might want to wait until you can go hands-on with the Xbox One X.

We expect popular retailers like GameStop and Best Buy to feature the Xbox One X in-house later this year. We're not sure if it'll happen before the console's November 7th release date but we expect to see live demos emerge in the fall. 

Going hands-on and eyes-on will help you decide if the Xbox One X, in its current state (limited games) and at its current price is worth the investment.

For some of you, it will be. Others might be better off with the cheaper Xbox One S or another console entirely. 



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