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8 Reasons to Wait for the iPad Mini 6 & 5 Reasons Not To



Wait for a Bigger Display

Wait for a Bigger Display

The price of the iPad mini should stay in the budget range, but that apparently won't stop Apple from increasing the size of the device's display. 

According to Kuo, Apple is planning to bump the size of the iPad mini's display somewhere in the vicinity of 8.5-9-inches. In a new research note, he says it will be 8.5-inches. 

Digitimes backs this up. The publication states that the next version of the iPad mini will come with an "8.x -inch" display. 

Japanese blog Mac Otakara believes the iPad mini 6's display will measure 8.4-inches.

As of right now, it's unclear if Apple plans to release two versions of the iPad mini or if simply plans to increase the size by slimming down the bezels. The latter seems more likely.

That said, if Apple's able to keep the size of the device intact, the added real estate would be huge for content consumers and people who love to play games on their iPad.

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