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8 Reasons to Wait for the iPad Mini 6 & 5 Reasons Not To



Wait for Performance Improvements

Wait for Performance Improvements

If Apple is developing a new version of the iPad mini, you can expect it to come with numerous performance improvements. In fact, we've already heard about a few of them. 

According to Kuo, Apple's working on a new iPad mini with mini-LED backlighting. The company has brought the technology to the iPad Pro line and it could make an appearance on upcoming iPads, the MacBook Pro line, and the Mac Pro. 

In a more recent note, Kuo says Apple will accelerate its adoption of mini-LED displays in its iPad and Mac lineups. 

The analyst believes mini-LED technology will be used on board 30–40% of ‌iPad‌ shipments and 20–30% of the company's MacBook shipments in 2021.

Another note from Kuo states that mini-LED displays could remain exclusive the iPad Pro line. It's unclear what this means for the iPad mini, but he says the next iPad Air will adopt an OLED display. 

So what would a mini-LED display mean for you? Well, mini-LED has some advantages over the LCD and OLED displays you find on most devices.

For one, they offer higher contrast. They're also less prone to some of the burn-in issues that often plague OLED displays. 

They also provide deeper blacks, higher brightness, and they're also more power-efficient which could help with battery life. 

A report from Korea's ETNews also states that Apple will use OLED display technology in "some" iPad models in 2022. 

OLED displays offer some advantages over the traditional LCD screens. These include deeper blacks, improved brightness, and wider viewing angles.

Either way, the iPad mini 6 is likely getting an upgrade in the screen department. 

The iPad mini 6 will likely include an upgraded processor which could also help with battery life, overall speed/multitasking, and experiences like gaming. Jon Prosser claims it will have Apple's A14 chip inside. The A14 is the chip that powers the iPad Air 4 and iPhone 12 seriess. 

Again, Kuo claims the next-gen iPad mini will follow the iPhone SE 2’s product strategy which would call for an up-to-date processor. 

Kuo also believes the iPad mini 6 will come with a 20W fast charging power adapter while Jon Prosser claims the device will have "dramatically improved" speakers.

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