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5 Exciting Android Smartphones Still Coming in 2017



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Moto Z2 Force or OnePlus 5T

Moto Z2 Force or OnePlus 5T

Last but not least, for now, is the Moto Z2 Force. In 2016 Motorola took a completely different approach to the smartphone, and to the modular smartphone

The Moto Z2 Force got announced a few weeks ago, and went up for sale during the second week of August. It's one of the better phones available right now, although the battery is kind of small. 

It's the best take on a modular phone we've seen yet, and any mod you bought in 2016 or 2017 will work with the new Moto Z2 Force. You'll probably get one for free when you buy the phone.  

This phone has a 5.5-inch P-OLED display that's shatter-resistant, an improved camera, two actually, fast specs and tons of modular accessories. At the same time, Motorola and Lenovo have more mods coming later this year. It's a different approach than Samsung or Apple, but Moto claims it allows buyers to "do more with their phone".  

Since it's now available, we've added a potential winner to this list in the OnePlus 5T. The company released a OnePlus 3T last year that was quite impressive, and it's possible we'll see the same thing again in 2017. If not, Huawei has some great phones on the horizon and we'll update once we know more about their plans.   

5 / 5