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Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Galaxy S8 or Google Pixel Right Now



The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel XL are two of the most popular Android smartphones available in 2017. However, you shouldn’t buy either of them right now. With great cameras, stock Android or big beautiful curved screens they’re tempting offers, but we recommend waiting a little longer. Here we’ll explain why.

In fact, there are a lot of great Android smartphones available today but even more are on the way. And while there is always something bigger or better coming soon, August isn’t a good time to buy a new phone.

That’s because all the important and popular phones for the second half of the year are almost here. So while the Galaxy S8 or S8+ are great phones, you’ll want to hold off. Not just because the Galaxy Note 8 is coming soon either. There are actually a few different reasons we recommend waiting.

This time of year everyone is busy. Families are going on last-minute vacations for summer, or you’re getting ready to head back to school. And with nothing new being released all summer you might get tempted to just settle and buy something today. Don’t do it, and consider some of the options we’ve detailed below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release

There are a number of reasons we’d avoid buying the Galaxy S8 or Pixel (and Pixel XL) right now, but none are more apparent than the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung’s biggest, best, fastest flagship smartphone. After a failed and recalled Note 7 in 2016, the company has a lot planned for this year.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 will have a bigger 6.3-inch edge-to-edge screen with curved edges, along with two cameras on the back to take on the iPhone 8. It’s basically a slightly bigger and better Galaxy S8+. You’ll also get better performance with 6GB of RAM, the S-Pen stylus, and tons of fancy features with those two cameras on the back of the phone.

The reason we wouldn’t get the Galaxy S8+ or Pixel today is that the launch for the Galaxy Note 8 is almost here. In fact, Samsung already confirmed its new phone will get revealed on August 23rd. In just one week you’ll know all about potentially the best phone of the year.

So when will you be able to buy one? From everything we’re hearing Samsung could release it August 24th right away, although most likely the release date is around September 9-15th.

We have high hopes for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and you can learn all about it right here.

Google Pixel XL 2 Coming Soon

Another awesome phone is coming sooner than later, and that’s Google’s second generation Pixel XL. While we don’t know as much as we do about the Note 8, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Google. Almost everyone that bought a Pixel loved the stock Android experience, smooth software, and great camera. We expect that in more from the Pixel XL 2.

This year the bigger Pixel XL 2 will have a large 6-inch OLED screen that’s slightly curved similar to Samsung’s recent phones. It’s made by LG and will have rounded corners and an edge-to-edge display that curves off the sides of the glass. Basically all screen on the front, with hardly any bezels around it on the top, bottom, or the sides. Here’s how it might look next to last years models.

This could end up being the year Google finally takes on Samsung and Apple in the smartphone market. And while they’ll release two phones again, the bigger 6-inch XL 2 is the phone to wait for. If you’ve considered the Pixel or Pixel XL, wait just a little longer for the next one.

However, Google doesn’t release its phones as early as Samsung. That means you’ll likely be waiting until the end of September or early October to get one. And while that could be too long for some, the wait will surely be worth it.

Google’s Pixel XL 2 won’t have dual cameras on the back or an S-Pen stylus, but there is still a lot to like. A great design, fast and capable camera, beautiful screen that isn’t too big, and the latest Android 8.0 software. You can learn all about Google’s new Pixels right here.

LG V30 Can Take on Samsung

LG makes some truly good phones, but notice how we didn’t say great. That’s because Samsung, Apple and now Google are often a nudge better. That could all change in 2017 with the new LG V30.

The same beautiful 6-inch edge-to-edge curved OLED screen in the Google Pixel XL 2 is inside the LG V30. That’s because LG is making the phone for Google. This is LG’s first flagship phone with an OLED screen, and that isn’t the only thing that makes it special.

From everything we’ve seen and heard so far, the LG V30 could end up the phone to buy this year. Along with a beautiful 6-inch screen is IP68 dust and water-resistance, wireless charging, a Quad-DAC for improved sound, and dual cameras on the back. Unlike Samsung and Apple, LG’s dual camera setup allows for wide-angle shots and landscape photography. Some love it, while others want a second lens to zoom like the iPhone. It’s all a personal preference.

Still, the LG V30 is packing quite the punch. It should come with all the latest bells and whistles and with a big curved screen, it can surely rival Samsung. Also, if the Galaxy S8 is too small but the Galaxy S8+ is too big, this is right in the middle with a 6-inch screen. A perfect middle ground for some.

We expect LG to announce the V30 on August 31st and release it about a month or so later. Meaning you could potentially own one before the end of September. Here are the latest rumors and new for the LG V30.

Essential Phone

If you’ve eyed the Galaxy S8 because that big edge-to-edge screen looks gorgeous, consider the Essential Phone. It’s a brand new company from the creator of Android, Andy Rubin, and it looks like a pretty great phone.

The Essential PH-1 will start shipping within the next week or two and has almost everything the Galaxy S8 or Google Pixel does. However, with this phone, the front is almost all screen. So much in fact, that the company had to curve the display around the front-facing camera. It looks pretty neat, huh?

There are multiple important aspects of this phone aside from the screen. It’s made out of titanium and ceramic, so should end up more durable than most current phones. Considering the creator of Android built it, we can expect an excellent stock Android software experience. The developers also claim it has one of the best smartphone cameras available.

And finally, the phone has a unique modular aspect to it. Like a few other phones we’ve seen in recent years, there are metal pins on the back. Here, you’ll be able to add a 360 degrees action camera accessory, wireless charging, and other mods to extend the functionality of the device.

The Essential has nearly the same specs on the inside as the Galaxy S8 yet only costs $699. More information is available here.

Furthermore, there are a lot of great other phones coming soon that may offer something you want that the Pixel or Galaxy S8 doesn’t. Nokia has new Android devices, Huawei is releasing new phones, and of course, the iPhone 8 is coming in September or October.

Discounts Are Coming Soon

Finally, we need to talk about pricing. Even if you don’t want one of the phones we mentioned above, you still should probably wait. At least until all these new phones get released in the near future.

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That’s because every time a new phone arrives the older ones get a discount or steep price cuts. While we’ve seen some good Galaxy S8 deals this summer, more are coming. If you want a slightly older phone like the Galaxy S7 Edge or even the Google Pixel, the price should come down once new phones come out.

If you’re able to wait a little bit longer and skip the Galaxy S8 or Google Pixel XL, better phones are coming. Or, if you don’t want one, you can get something else at a significant discount.

These are just a few reasons you may or may not want to wait and skip some of the phones now available. Stay tuned for more details as each phone above gets released.



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  4. Bee

    08/26/2017 at 11:38 am

    I’ve owned an S8+ for three months now. As far as hardware goes, it’s a beast of a phone and the camera is all you could want. As far as a utility, I am really disappointed. The volume at it’s loudest is too low. The vibrate is like a murmur. Bixby is a joke. Nothing on the phone is “hands free” as you have to unlock your phone to do anything hands free. Motorola Driver Assist from 2013 runs circles around every “hands free” feature. I keep hoping Samsung will put out a major update to address these things.

  5. bob

    08/26/2017 at 1:39 pm

    Shouldn’t buy iPhone either but an Xiaomi.
    Best phone for your $

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